Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Sweet Flashbacks...

 Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, today has been a day of looking back and thinking of some really really funny awesomely hysterical moments from 12 years of K2 Backwoods. Now, I know for some Backwoods makes you simply start sweating as we lost a lot of our shade (aka: trees) in the fire but for me Backwoods is the most special place on the girls side. It is our rally point. It is where you see older gals laugh, be silly, be dorky and encourage each other. It is hopefully where even deeper you see that girls can be friends...true friends. Some of my best and dearest friends are in these pictures...

Treasure being silly, goofy, and totally dweebs with each other. We can love, encourage and trust one another...we were called to when God told us we are now sisters in Him. Look that way!

(Picture above: OLD SCHOOL...that would be Natalie Drew, Lindsay Cannedy, Callie Nixon (behind me, sorry Cal!), me, Trish, Kipp Harmon, Christina Dortch, and Risa Holland)

Anyone remember the Napeleon Dynamite skit that we tweeked for the girls side...EPIC! 

Oh, the things I do. This was when the roof was safe and I wore a Cupid outfit with no shame. Don't worry I still play my euchalayle (no idea how to spell it and don't want to spell check so go with it) to the hubs!

This was not from Bacwoods but c'mon it's hysterical. It's one of those pics you start blowing/wiggling your lips and then they just snap a pic and you see what comes out! Hysterical! (Top: Lauren Shoush, Lindsay Cannedy, Bottom: Erica Rentschler, me, Nika Adidas Spaulding)

"it's hot." That's all she said...and I had to find her a  man...I mean a penguin. (Angela Jennings)

Okay, this skit totally bombed but I still laugh so hard when seeing this picture. Who knows what our point was in the skit...oh, yeah, right, we had NONE! (Erica Rentschler)
Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins