Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling all Parents...

This is the Medlin (my maiden name) Crew...sorry mom & dad, hope you don't kill me for putting this pic up?

Raising daughters...it's a whole different world! Right moms & dads? I just hung up the phone with my mom & dad. Let me preface this post with telling you that at the age of 27, I absolutely adore my parents. My mom is my best friend and my hero. My dad has a heart for people that I want to be more like and has accomplished a goal of having a "daddy's girl."

I fired my parents when I was about 15. They persevered and tonight I asked them some questions about parenting a teenage daughter. This feels really vulnerable to expose my folks to you but I think it's important for you to hear from normal parents who have walked through those years and aren't too far out of it (well, almost 10 years since they had a teenage girl). I told my folks this tonight; but I was a pistol in my teenage years. I was just awful! I was the girl that thought my parents were clueless. I was mean and closed them out of my life.

Girls, if you are reading this...PLEASE don't do what I did. I promise your parents do have a clue. I know they can embarrass you at times; but cherish your parents each day knowing that they punish you, give you rules, and discipline your life because they LOVE you. I PROMISE!

Hope this encourages you or simply lets you know that you aren't in it alone.

Question: What was the hardest part about raising a teenage daughter?
Mom: "I just hated going through the times when you didn't want me as a friend. You just didn't even want me around."
Dad: "You were just more emotional [I have 2 older brothers] than the boys. The highs were higher and lows were lower with you. Really it just was more drama." (So well put! Any dads agree?)

Question: What would you have done differently as a mom/dad in my life through the teenage years?
Mom: "I wish I would have known how to do more, like, braid your hair, make bows [Bows were cool in junior high, I promise]. I really wish I would have done more tea parties and things like that [I had to remind my mom here that I was asking about teenage years. She's so cute!]. Really I just wish I would have done more thing with you. Really fought for that in those years."
Dad: "I don't think I would have done much differently. Actually, I wish I would have put less pressure on you to perform or to live up to what I thought was important, like basketball [I was an 100% 3-point shooter...but I only shot 1 3-point shot per game. It would make him so mad, awww, memories!].

Question: What would be your one piece of advice for parents of teenage daughters?
Mom: "I probably have 2. One would be to try everyday to keep communication lines open with her. Keep asking questions even when your daughter doesn't answer except with a, "It was fine." Be there, not harshly or forced, just be there. Two I would say to moms to BE A MOM. Don't try to be a best friend, that will come."
Dad: "Oh, man, dads need to know that they are THE important factor in helping your daughter develop in the teenage years. Their view of themselves, insecurities, view of men/boys, it all is shaped by the role of a father in her life."

(p.s. I love that I am completely aware of the embarrassment of these pictures and yet, I'm choosing to put them up. I wish I could write what I was thinking or what my parents were thinking for each picture. Goodness, gotta love those bangs to the left. Those bangs never moved!)

The Medlin Crew: Me, Dad, Mom, Michael, (back row) Pauline, Jonathan, Jason

Monday, September 29, 2008

K2 Musical: Episode #2...

Episode #2...HYSTERICAL! I love KANAKUK K2!! Where else could you do this kind of stuff? It's awesome! Hope it brings you some joy!

I really miss the K2 Girls side! Like more than usual today...

really bad at sitting in an office, A. Rob

Hooo, Hooo, Let's Go G.N.O...

Friday nights in B-town are always hoppin'! The Branson Pirates are 5-0. Woohoo! Did ya'll hear me, 5 wins & 0 losses (duh, of course you didn't hear me? I'm typing!). So on Friday, Trish Helsel, your K2 Director, headed to Willard, MO to watch Tee Helsel, the star quarterback, win another game! They are doing so great. Last year the Pirates won only like 1-3 games. Rough season to say the least. But not this year! Anyways, so Trish headed to the football game and I got to hang with Shayla! We went to Panera, a jewelry store (this $1 jewelry that is super cute, I got some cut earrings!), and then to the Helsel's home to watch "College Road Trip" with the gal from "That's So Raven." Super cute movie! Shay (my hubby) came over and we got to hang with the whole Helsel family when they got home. I realized how blessed I am to get to hang with families like Trish's. They are so dear to me and Trish has really embraced me into her family. We are so stinkin' blessed to have Trish leading us at K2...all you FitNut girls know what I'm talking about! She's awesome!

This picture is so adorable! Shayla has such a PURE heart and precious compassion for others. She is wearing her new bows she got!

This is Shayla showing me a new game where you move your face all crazy and then randomly snap the pic. Well, this is what came out...our tongues are going crazy.

Here is all the things we did...Panera YUMMY!, Redbox Movies, and the bows!

It's a girls night, A. Rob

Friday, September 26, 2008

Catch the Wave...

I know a lot of ya'll have wanted Catch the Wave from LeCrae. Well, we can't upload mp3 songs but I just put it in a video with 1 pic of LeCrae and there you go...so here it is! Don't forget to do the K2 Catch the Wave dance. You can teach all your friends, parents, and family!

(sorry you can't download it...I'm not that tech savvy to figure that out yet)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girls always WIN...

Hey friends, what a great Thursday it is in Branson, MO. I am about to take off for the Branson Junior High to pick up my 7th grade small group girls! They are so great! We are then headed to Wendy's and then to Branson K-Life club night! Anyways, here is a fun and funny video of what Shay and I do on our weekly date nights.

Let me set up this video a little. We went to eat sushi (YUMMY! Anyone else like obsessed with sushi?) and then we headed to the putt putt course where we had 2 free tickets. So we started off tied with each other. Then I began to pull away by 1-2 each hole! By Hole 18 I would have had to blow it to not beat him. The best part is we had a little wager...he wins then I go to the next action manly movie out...if I won then he has to go to the next romantic comedy out (K-rated movies only of course). So girls...check out what happened!

I'm kind of cooky in this video. I think I was being a big 'ole ham! Cheese anyone!

GIRLS WIN! WE'RE BETTER! Chick flick here we come!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My husband's idea for a post...

(yuck, this pic of a bicep is nasty...p.s. This is not Shay's bicep, just a random pic)

Well, girls, moms, friends, and anyone else that is randomly on K2 ladies' blog. My husband just gave me the most brill (short for brilliant) idea of what to write on today for the blog. He walks into my office and says..."You should write on an Ode to your Husband's biceps." WHAT!? Moms, if you are reading this...aren't husbands wacko? Friends & Kampers...just wait till your prince charming comes and then be prepared to laugh a lot at comments like that. So here is my ode to Shay's biceps...

1. They are not as comfortable to lay on as they show in cheesy romantic comedy movies. I was so ready when I got married to lay next to you as we slept for 8 hours in the caress of your armpit and bicep...REALITY CHECK! It is not comfy!

2. Guys and their biceps...why do you kiss them? Their just biceps!

3. Why do guys breathe so crazy when they are lifting dumbells in bicep curls? It's like all intense breathing with veins popping out in their head and necks. Weird!

4. When Shay and I were dating if I ever touched his bicep he quickly would flex...always! It was hysterical! I totally called him out on it while we were dating.

5. I do love that I feel protected when we are out and about by your bulging biceps!

Well, girls, just wait till your married and you have a blog and your husband suggests a post for an ode to his biceps, calves (maybe we should do an ode to Don's calves), or traps (muscles in their necks I think).

most random post ever, A. Rob

Monday, September 22, 2008

K2 Musical: Episode #1

Hey friends, here is episode #1 for the viewing. You can leave comments here but not on youtube. Try to bring your friends to Shay and I's blog to check this out instead of youtube. You never know what you will see if you just go to youtube. Just tryin' to keep your eyes on PURITY! ;) Love ya'll...a. rob

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My New Ride...YEAH RIGHT!

Okay, so seriously, how sweet is this car. Before you get to excited I don't actually know if this car exists. This picture I found as I was roaming around Microsoft Office Clip Art...great pics on there by the way!

I wish I could have this @ K2 and give all of you rides everywhere (especially up cardiac)...how much fun would that be! We could call it the "Backwoods Baby."

I am missing K2 today...I pray you all had a great day at school and I know the world can pull at you; but hang in there!

In the words of C.S. Lewis:

"Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing yet had been done."

be encouraged, A. Rob

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey friends, well, this was me on my day off (Saturday) hanging at Panera just blogging away. I'm gonna get good at this if it kills me. I always dreamed of being a "techy." As I blogged away at Panera Bread Co. I was surrounded by good 'ole Branson tourists, mostly over the age of 65. Okay, so as I looked around I wondered why young families and young teenage kids don't think Branson is cool. Because personally I think B-town is awesome. Below are my reasons:

1. International Headquarters of Kanakuk Kamps...that's official & I could give you a tour.

2. SHOPPING. Chello, we have awesome outlets and the Branson Landing.

3. The trees...by trees I mean outdoors of the Great Ozarks!

4. The Branson Pirate Football team is 3-0. Led by K2 kamper Tee Helsel (Trish's Son)

5. Last but not least we have Silver Dollar City. Please no haters from this comment. I LOVE Silver Dollar City!

So those were my ponderings of Saturday afternoon...

your friend, A. Rob

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

K2 Musical: Trailer

Here it is K2 Kampers and Staff! The Trailer to K2 Musical. I will be putting the other 8 episodes up each week! Have fun!

Parents: This is the K-Life Video skit (based loosely on High School Musical 2) from the summer at K2. It's weird, crazy, and totally hysterical!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to the K2 KOMO Blog!

Hey Girls, Friends, Moms, and Anyone else who is checking out the K2 KOMO Blog! I can't wait to share life with you. I will have something for everyone...mostly K2 kampers, staff, and parents. Here's a quick list of some posts to come:

* K2 Musical...all the episodes. Only found here!
* Pictures on the Kanakuk Movie Tour
* Pics & Videos & Crazy stories of Shay and me! We're crazy!
* News about K2
* Silly ramblings of me
* Topics and Issues confronting teenage/college young women
* Teenage purity...IT'S WORTH IT!
* Random sitings of Trish "the Dish" Helsel...I love being computer savvy!
* Day to day life of Ashley (me) Robbins
* SUMMER ONLY: For K2 parents I will daily tell you the inside scoop of what's up at K2 with videos, posts, and pictures. You will know in "real" time what your daughter is up to at K2.
More to come...Ashley Robbins (A. Rob)