Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Survival of the Fittest: Episode #2...

Hey Kanakuk Girls, Here is episode #2...enjoy laughing.

Check out these classic quotes from Episode 2:

"Rex Horton is never going to find the corn dogs in my secret trap door in my sombrero...ever." -Juan

"You can never have too much nasal spray...yeah!!" -Kathy

"Turn the camera off, turn the camera off." -Rex

"Taste like dirt, because it is dirt." -Rex

Be awesome, love Jesus and I want to be Juan,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

Survival of the Fittest: Episode #1...

Well, my Kanakuk Girls, here is the hysterical K-Life Video from summer 2009. Sorry we are a tid bit late in getting them up but enjoy them now. Remember if you aren't signed up for Summer 2010...one: what are you thinking? two: go to www.kanakuk.com to sign up like now.

Be awesome, love Jesus, and you kiddin' me,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kanakuk Princess-es are coming...

Hey Kanakuk Girls/Moms/Whomever,
Well, today starts our Chief and Princess Weekend. Woohoo! This is a weekend that the K1, K2, and K-Kountry chiefs and Princesses that were elected last summer come into Branson for a weekend of fun, training, and bonding. We will have all the directors from K1, K2, and K-Kountry hanging out and it will be a blast!

I know the Princesses for K2 are pumped to get to summer and their terms to lead their Kiowa and Kickapoo tribes. So make sure to keep your eyes out for red, yellow, blue and white anything for tribal gear!

Be awesome, love Jesus and royalty is coming,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com / (picture: weheartit.com...careful some artsy sketchy shots)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol Recap...

Hey Kanakuk Girlies,
Well, so last night we all said goodbye to Paige Miles...I must admit that I felt indifferent with who went home this week.Here are my thoughts:
1. Paige I really like but this week she did not do well. I just hurt for her because I do think she is better than ahhhmm, a specific 17 year old girl on the show...not that I'm mentioning names.

2. Tim...I agree with Miley (wow, never thought I would type that) that I liked your song. It was fun, upbeat and I like the slide.

3. Katie, I do want to like you (musically, I'm sure she is delightful as a person) but I just don't think you are quite ripened yet. I am still working through feelings of bitterness about Lilly being gone and not you...I'll keep pushing through those feelings.

4. My Favs: Dread-Locks Bowersox, Big Mike, Lee Di-weezy (spelled how I like to say it), and Siobhan (did you catch her friends that were "siobombies...like Zombies for Siobhan...rather strange).

5. Next week with R&B Soul...should be interesting...

Okay, there's my thoughts on the show. Again, I am fully aware that I might have a total of 2 people reading my thoughts but to those 2...I tip my hat.

Be awesome, love Jesus & could I do my hair like Siobhan, Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Little Kitty...

Hello Kanakuk Kitty Fans,
Okay, I don't know necessarily that all of you are Hello Kitty fans but I was thinking today of random childhood memories and I remembered Hello Kitty. I loved her (assuming it's a her since she has a bow...but saying her sounds very person-like but she is indeed a kitty). What's somewhat odd is that I do not, well, let's be honest I hate, cats. But Hello Kitty and I were tight. I actually one time stamped my whole closet in this Hello Kitty stamp that had my name in it...my mom probably just laughed at me which makes her a great mom since she didn't get mad. Oh, wait maybe she was a tid bit upset...oh, well, still a great mom!

So I thought let's blog about Hello Kitty...so here it is. The below picture is a little overboard for me. I loved her but goodness, this crazy gal put her on her wedding dress...that's a true Hello Kitty fan...she's prob her president of the Hello Kitty Facebook Fan page no doubt.

What about you girls? What were things from your childhood? Hello Kitty is making a comeback as is Rainbow Bright, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch kids...I think it's because the generation raised on these toys are now the moms so they buy them b/c of the heart strings and memories. Smart marketing you toy companies very smart!

Be awesome, love Jesus, and Hello Kitty forever,
Kanakuk Ashley

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(Picture: weheartit.com...careful weird artsy pics on site)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, Allergies...

Hey Kanakuk girls/parents/any other random someone that checks this blog...

Well, today is Friday and I am pumped for today. Why you ask? (Assuming you did ask your computer screen b/c you are dying with anticipation, right?). Oh, allergies, oh, allergies...how I've missed you?! They have hit full force in A.Robbins' world. I have heard it's the cedarwood. What is cedarwood? Where is it and I will stay far far away. My eyes are so red, nose is dry with flakes of kleenex on them, nose is stopped up to where sometimes I don't even know my nose is running, and throat itches like you wiggle your ear because that itches the back of your throat. So today, if you are a fellow allergen sufferer...I applaud you and link arms with you (kleenexes in hand of course) to say let's fight these allergies together by sleeping in tomorrow on Saturday (well, my sleeping in is a bit different with a 4 month old), staying in our pjs till early afternoon, and shoving kleenex up our nostrils for several hours so we don't go through 3 boxes in 2hours. So all you allergen comrades what do you say? Are you with me? (rhetorical question but feel free to scream yes and fist pump in the air).

Enjoy your weekends my friends...I will be in my pjs with hubby and daughter cleaning the casa de Robbins. Woohoo!!

Be awesome, love Jesus, and go blow your nose,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(picture: www.google.com: images)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The More I Seek You...

Hey Kanakuk Cuties,
Well, today this song would not get out of my head. This song Shay and I had sung at our wedding and it is so simple and intimate between us and our Heavenly Father. The video is of Kari Jobe (one of my fav artists...thanks ashley gross for introducing me) who has an incredible voice. I have already starting singing to sweet Lulu this song...I pray each of you today will take even just a moment to read the lyrics, listen to the song, and then get to praisin'. God's love for you girls is OVERWHELMING! Remember that today as the world can get so loud in your ears telling you that you just aren't good enough. His love is so deep...it's overwhelming...
The More I Seek You:
The more I seek you,
The more I find you
The more I find you, the more I love you

I wanna sit at your feet
Drink from the cup in your hand.
Lay back against you and breath, feel your heart beat
This love is so deep, it's more than I can stand.
I melt in your peace, it's overwhelming

Be awesome, love Jesus, & be overwhelmed,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(Note: Due to a blonde working the computer I can't get the Kari Jobe Video to work. But click here and you can hear it.)
(picture: weheartit.com)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol...

Hey Kanakuk Gals!
Well, it's Wednesday...that being said it's time for my American Idol rundown. I love that I think people even care about my take on American Idol. (I'm just laughing in my office right now...I just wish you all could be here with me, probably laughing at me). Anyways, first off I need to go back to last week's result show...seriously people...Lilly Scott. What in the world!? I was devastated. I know Katie has a huge following but Lilly Scott should have been in the Top 12. She was so unique and let's be honest that I adored her earrings (or were they hair attachments). Anyways, I was pretty ticked...okay, I admit it that I let American Idol affect my mood. But now I'm over it because I think Katie will be sent home tonight...well, that's my prediction at least. She just needs to "grow more as an artist." (I should be a judge on Idol...just say grow and make it your own a lot and you are a shoo-in).

Also was pretty sad about Alex Lambert...he was just so nice. I truly liked his unique voice and I mean you gotta root for the guy with a mullet, on purpose mullet. So I was pretty sad on him too...I would have rather Aaron Kelly go home. I know he is 16 and all the little girls love him but he just isn't my fav. The judges like adore Aaron but his weird hip dancing is awkward and I feel awkward watching.

So...last night show...all in all I still hold true to my favs...Big Mike, Krystal DreadLocks-Sox (I just renamed her), Lacey Brown, Lee Dewizzy (also renamed him),Siobhan Quirky Magnus (she is totally growing on me and makes me laugh), Tim FratBoy from OleMiss Urban (also renamed)...there are so many I adore...

Prediction for Tonight: (if I'm right do I get anything...no Ashley you don't...did I just type in 3rd person...weird)...So Long Katie Stevens...

Be awesome, Love Jesus, and watch for me as a new guest judge for season 11,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, to be this Bicycle...

Hey KANAKUK girlies! How's this Tuesday morning for each of you? I pray good...ya know what, I pray it's great! I guess most of you are on Spring Break or at least close to being on spring break. Where are you? I hope that you are with your family and loving that time with them.

Not sure what the bicycle is about...but I just love beach cruisers. When my friend, Aly (who is having twins...woohooo!) got married she had a beach wedding and it was beautiful. We stayed at this beach house and it had beach cruiser bikes...oh, they were awesome! Maybe I am dwelling on this picture because it is so feminine, slow paced, and it just looks like the world is all okay. I just love it so! Too bad I live in Branson and having a beach cruiser would be rather pointless...but so stinkin' awesome!

This post has no point...enjoy! Some of you could find a deep point somewhere in this...I'm sure. Maybe it's that we too should be like this beach cruiser...feminine, slow paced, and fully calm in the Lord...ooooo, good comparison for those that thought of that...

Be awesome, love Jesus, and ride a beach cruiser if you have one,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

(picture: weheartit.com...careful some sketchy/artsy/weird pics on there...mandy lynn photography)

Monday, March 15, 2010

KANAKUK PARENTS, Go On & Get Your Armor,

KANAKUK PARENTS: Goodness, I am pretty much fired up this morning...okay, not like go out and start a strike fired up but fired up as a woman of the Lord, wife, and mom of a girl. Today I hopped over to foxnews.com to catch up on what is going on in the world. I am usually so very clueless and rely on my husband and fellow K1 assistant director to keep me informed on all things politics, religion, world affairs, and entertainment. Well, Shay never helps with entertainment unless it's sports related. Anyways, I am very shaky on writing this because I DO NOT want people to watch this video. To preface this article let's just say that MTV has banned this video.

I am 10000000% writing this to parents because I have had dear parents say..."Lady Gaga oh it's a fun upbeat song," or I have heard "Okay, now who is she because my kids love her." Oh, moms and dads...RED FLAG RED FLAG! Lady Gaga's latest video is with Beyonce and has an abundance of trash...again, please trust me or head over to here to read article. I know that during the teenage years you cannot control everything from sun up to sun down that your precious daughter(s) hear. I know that the world's voice each day grows so very loud over yours and sometimes even the Lord's voice in your daughter's heart.

But this morning, with my little 4 month old little girl sleeping, I made a vow. A vow to be involved. A vow to be a MOM not a best friend. A vow to be aware. A vow to be the protector of my home like Mel Gibson in Patriot. I will guard my computer in my home. I will guard the iPod. I will guard the iPhone. I will guard iTunes (are "i's" taking over the technology world!...sorry, side note for comic relief with my motivational blogging monologue). Lady Gaga...Beyonce...or whoever else, you will not influence my daughter. You will not be someone I want her to be like. You will not be an upbeat song I play without having a clue.

My banner is raised...this momma is putting on her armor (oh, Jordin Sparks song just jumped into my head...go on and get your armor, get you armo-or!). Parents, you in?

(*Side note: I am not "angry" at Lady Gaga as a person. She, I'm guessing, does not know the unconditional love of a Savior. I am simply not allowing the junk of this world to win...to stealthly make their way into Shay and I's home. Every crack in our home will be sealed with the TRUTH of God's Word.)

Be awesome, Love Jesus, and go on & get your armor,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Heart My Friends...

Today is Friend Sunday! I just love friends! Don't you? Duh, Ashley, of course they do! Who doesn't love friends! I have some unbelievable friends...seriously, I might rival that I have the BEST ones. You all are thinking..."no ashley I do." Well, you don't but it's okay, I'm sure yours are great too. (the above is all said in jest, sort of, okay, seriously it's just to be funny)

Think about your friends today and go grab a hot apple cider or Sonic Happy Hour Cranberry Limeade (my personal fav!)...here's to my friends:

Plainly Jane: oh, my crafty dear speed talker friend...you complete me (well, my sentences)

Reens: oh, my crafty young house love friend...you challenge me...i could go on a vacation with you...you know all...scary, and still are my dear friend.

Friend: you don't even have a name...you are still plugged into my phone as friend...you walk beside me...you technically don't because you live in austin...can your little guy marry my little girl? In-laws!! woohoo!

TrishyDishy: you are the T in AT...you disciple me...you walk through daily routine and still think I'm funny.

Branson Girls (Sparksy, Rappers, CDoll, Melissa): you make me laugh...ALOT...you are moms charging the way for me to watch and learn from the elite!

Mac: oh, my longest of friends...i miss you...you have walked through many changes...distance is no issue for we pick up where we leave off every time!

HUBBY: you are the ultimate BFFAEAE!!! I would rather do nothing with you than the coolest thing with anyone else! you are my favorite...

Friends are friends forever...thank you Smitty!
Be awesome, love Jesus, and go drink a cranberry limeade,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(pictures: weheartit.com...mostly awesome pics...some sketchy/artsy like)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Go Hogs Go...

Hello dear Kanakuk Friends,
Allow me a moment to relish in my past...I am forever a loyal Arkansas Razorback Alum! I love the town, love the school, love the Hogs, and love the people. I was quite excited when Kay Holliday (our Kanakuk Ambassador and alum of Arkansas...she played bball there! Woohoo!) sent me this article. I was exstatic (not sure of spelling on that one).

So girls if you are looking for a great school...

Be awesome, love Jesus and Go Hogs,
Kanakuk Ashley

"University Athletics Puts Fayetteville on Forbes List
City ranked among Top 10 College Sports Towns
Tuesday, March 09, 2010

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The combination of Razorback athletics and the quality of life associated with a “college town” has placed Fayetteville at No. 7 in the Forbes magazine list of “Top College Sports Towns.”

The magazine compiled the list by first looking at the quality of the total sports offerings at various universities as rated by members of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics. Then “quality of life” was factored in, based on average home prices, median household income figures, the quality of the public school system and the local crime rate. The magazine also pulled a few details from its previous “best of” lists to fill out the picture.

Fayetteville was recognized for its easy access to lakes and hiking trails, as well as its farmers’ market, in addition to a solid public school system and high marks in the other areas. The sports program at the University of Arkansas, by itself, was ranked 25 on the list of total sports programs."

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots of Random Thoughts...

Random Thoughts Thursday (yes, it kind of fits with the whole "th" thing!)...
1. Spring/Summer...I am so ready for spring...seriously ready! Sandals, nike shorts, and tshirts...here I come!
(picture: weheartit.com...careful most pics are creative/fun/awesome...some weird/artsy/sketchy)
2. Ruffles...I love them. These are actually the curtains I want to do in Lulu's room. My friend Jennifer (Kanakuk K1 Asst. Director) is going to help me make them! Oh, I'm crafty, well, my friends are!
(picture: weheartit.com...careful most pics are fun/creative/awesome...some weird/sketchy)
3. Water/Pink Lemonade...random! I just love ice cold water and also pink lemonade. Lately I have been adding lime juice to my H2O...yum-diddley-yum!
(picture: weheartit.com...see above)
4. HOME...just loving being at home right now! Awesome hubby, precious daughter, and lots of silly laughter)
(picture: weheartit.com...see above)
5. Home Decor/Design...don't freak out the room below is not in my home! I would love it though! My friend Jill (1st Kanakuk co-counselor) and I text back and forth about home design. We love it! My new favorite blog about do-it-yourself projects/home design is www.younghouselove.com. Oh, John and Sherri! Sherri and I have a very similar design style...side note: please know that I am sure all of you teenage girls could care less about my home design obsession...just runnin low on blog thoughts...hehe! Just laught at/with me! Kay? Just for knowledge I took the RealSimple Magazine design style...I am 100000% cozy casual! love it!
(picture: weheartit.com...see above comments)
6. Cupcakes...I am laughing so hard in my office with my sleeping 4 month old at this blog post. Please join me in laughing. There is nothing special about cupcakes...nor have I had them lately...i just think cupcakes are awesome...bahahahaha!!!
So there you have it...take this Thoughts Thursday to the bank...i mean this is good stuff!
Be awesome, love Jesus, and read this blog for deep insightful brain power,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins