Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Heart My Friends...

Today is Friend Sunday! I just love friends! Don't you? Duh, Ashley, of course they do! Who doesn't love friends! I have some unbelievable friends...seriously, I might rival that I have the BEST ones. You all are thinking..."no ashley I do." Well, you don't but it's okay, I'm sure yours are great too. (the above is all said in jest, sort of, okay, seriously it's just to be funny)

Think about your friends today and go grab a hot apple cider or Sonic Happy Hour Cranberry Limeade (my personal fav!)'s to my friends:

Plainly Jane: oh, my crafty dear speed talker complete me (well, my sentences)

Reens: oh, my crafty young house love challenge me...i could go on a vacation with know all...scary, and still are my dear friend.

Friend: you don't even have a are still plugged into my phone as walk beside technically don't because you live in austin...can your little guy marry my little girl? In-laws!! woohoo!

TrishyDishy: you are the T in disciple walk through daily routine and still think I'm funny.

Branson Girls (Sparksy, Rappers, CDoll, Melissa): you make me are moms charging the way for me to watch and learn from the elite!

Mac: oh, my longest of friends...i miss have walked through many changes...distance is no issue for we pick up where we leave off every time!

HUBBY: you are the ultimate BFFAEAE!!! I would rather do nothing with you than the coolest thing with anyone else! you are my favorite...

Friends are friends forever...thank you Smitty!
Be awesome, love Jesus, and go drink a cranberry limeade,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(pictures: awesome pics...some sketchy/artsy like)


plainlyjane said...

thanks friend! i love you and i'm so thankful for your friendship!

Unknown said...

I'm honored - seriously - that you count me among one of your friends. (No sarcasm.) Thanks. Love that we are friends! Hope to see you before summer. Ha!