Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wish we could all be more like Linda Hamilton...

This video is long but you gotta make it to at least 4:45...Would you be like Linda Hamilton? I want to say that I would...would you?

Love people,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

p.s. My friend from our leadership team 08, Alyshia Foster, showed this to me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My New American Idol Pick...

Hey friends, well, I hadn't discussed my thoughts about American Idol in a while so today, after lacking much thought on what in the world to blog about, decided Idol was a great topic.

I still adore Danny...adore! But to be honest Kris has surpassed him. He is so musically gifted and I think he and his wife are presh! Hope Hollywood pressure stays away from a godly marriage like theirs!

Thoughts? I know Adam will probably win...just don't want him to! Nothing personal...just don't like his voice at all and he just gives me the creeps. Sorry all you Adam fans!

Go Kris & Danny! (oh, yeah, Allison is presh too!...I think Matt G is headed home next)

Kanakuk Ashley (a.k.a American Idol judge wanna be)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hottest MOM in Branson...

Well, K2 girls, the cheer has become reality (not the hot part, but the MOM part)...Girls/Moms, Shay and I are having a BABY!!!!! Wooohooo! We are so very excited and the official due date is November 30. We have met our doctor (who is incredible and loves the Lord) and I am feeling great! I have not had any morning sickness, just a tid bit tired! We got to hear the little guy/girl heartbeat today and girls it was so awesome!!! How anyone could say that's not life in there is just crazy!!! His/her heartbeat was 177, which the doctor informed me that it was great! All is healthy with mom and child! I also learned that I can still do TRIATHLETE!! Woohoo! I just have to watch my heart-rate but otherwise I should be good to go, especially the swimming! Doctor said it's great for pregnancy! Ya'll I just can't wait to see each of you this summer and to hug your necks!!! 

Would love prayer for continued health of child and mom, to cherish every moment of this process, begin to learn/grow in the Lord on how in the world to be a mom, for the sweetness of this time between Shay and I, and that this little one would love the Lord first and foremost! Thanks so much for praying!!

Kanakuk Ashley

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Westminster School = AWESOMENESS...

Shay and I had such a blast hanging with the coolest FCA group from Westminster Schools. It was such a fun retreat. Shay and I truly prayed that it would not be this super emotionally high event...but would be a super, life-changing point. Big difference. Gals from Westminster if you are reading this please know that I continue to pray that...You are the revolution girls!
The whole group of guys and gals! So cute! And all the girls loved Nike Tempo Shorts! Woohoo!Crazy pic!
2 K2 Girl kampers made my day by their greeting...lots of screaming was involved! Mary Ottley and Emily Linder...they're awesome! Mary made the announcement for the school about the retreat and had them put down that Shay and I were the coolest people in the world coming to speak! Hysterical! No pressure or anything!
This was after our "purity" talk...just girls! Oh, man, we had a great time! Lots of laughter...and hopefully a point was made somewhere in all the randomness! Side Note: Libby the bottom right..had the most awesome 80's windsuit jacket! Love you girls!Girls being girls!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You Miss California...

I absolutely was floored as a friend told me I had to check out Miss California's answer to a question from a judge during the Miss USA pageant. I was so impressed with her class and not that it was this powerful, biblical answer...but it was one of courage to say that she believes (along with me) that marriage is a man and a woman! Thank you Miss California!


Kanakuk Ashley


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry, I've Been on VACA...

Hey friends, goodness, I am so sorry it has been awhile. But ya know, even I take vacation! Anyways, Shay and I flew out of Missouri on Friday (I guess, the 10th) and headed to a sweet families lake home on Lake Rabun. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! We had a great time of rest, laughter, movies, ping-pong, darts, pool, Planet Earth (the TV series), and romance! It was just great to be together with no work or any distractions. Our cellies didn't work out there and so it really was a big break for us! I wanted to show you some pictures from the week...

P.S. Shay and I are finishing our week in Atlanta, GA with a FCA Retreat for Westminster Academy (no idea if its an academy or if this is how you spell it?? but just go with it). We talked last night and this morning the girls will split with me and the guys with Shay to do a PURITY talk. Woohoo!! I am getting to hang with Emily Linder and Mary Ottley...two K2 kampers! I'll have pics soon! 

back to blogging,
Kanakuk Ashley

This is Minnehaha...the waterfalls about 3 miles from the house we stayed at! So cool!
Another beautiful shot of the waterfalls of Minnehaha...
Yet another shot of us and the waterfalls. Shay climbed to the top of this huge deal, such an explorer at heart!Okay, ya'll, we really think this store needs to branch out and come to Branson, MO. We think it would make millions. It's called "Goats on the Roof" and it literally has goats on the roof. You can feed them and shop around for local jams, soups, etc. They also had a fun fudge and candy shop...I'm telling you it would make millions in Branson!!
This is the hammock we laid in every day! The weather was rainy for 1 or 2 days but then sunny and perfect the other days! Shay actually jumped in the water once....BRRRR!!! It was so cold! I was too wimpy to jump in! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here's the TEAM...

Well, leadership weekend 2009 was a blast and girls we have a stacked leadership team this year! Trish and I laughed so hard this weekend with so many memories, cheers, and new nicknames for some new folks on leadership! We planned the parties for the summer, which side note are going to be OUT OF SIGHT! (who says out of sight anymore...random!). Summer is so close...Woohoo!!!

Kanakuk Ashley

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Leadership Team is HERE...

The K2 Leadership team is here!!!! We are all hanging in Branson for the weekend with all the other Kanakuk Kamps/Kids Across America leadership teams. We are at Trish's right now and about to head to Tanger Outlets. The actual weekend starts at dinner when we meet up with the K2 boys leadership team. It's going to be a blast! We are planning for the summer and bonding as a team to go hard this summer as we lock arms with 500 staff folks. Here are some pics of us....Katie Shoush is missing but coming today!!!Top Row: L to R: Cyndi Holley, Trish Helsel, Lauren Kolter. Bottom row: L to R: Casie Hilton, Nika Spualding, Ashley Robbins, Rachel Nobel, Meredith Grooms, Brooke Roberts