Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Westminster School = AWESOMENESS...

Shay and I had such a blast hanging with the coolest FCA group from Westminster Schools. It was such a fun retreat. Shay and I truly prayed that it would not be this super emotionally high event...but would be a super, life-changing point. Big difference. Gals from Westminster if you are reading this please know that I continue to pray that...You are the revolution girls!
The whole group of guys and gals! So cute! And all the girls loved Nike Tempo Shorts! Woohoo!Crazy pic!
2 K2 Girl kampers made my day by their greeting...lots of screaming was involved! Mary Ottley and Emily Linder...they're awesome! Mary made the announcement for the school about the retreat and had them put down that Shay and I were the coolest people in the world coming to speak! Hysterical! No pressure or anything!
This was after our "purity" talk...just girls! Oh, man, we had a great time! Lots of laughter...and hopefully a point was made somewhere in all the randomness! Side Note: Libby the bottom right..had the most awesome 80's windsuit jacket! Love you girls!Girls being girls!

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