Friday, January 30, 2009

New Background for February...

I COULDN'T WAIT! I know it's still technically January, but I couldn't wait! And it's not b/c I love Valentines Day, although Kana-cupid would! (* Side note: I hated Valentines day in 7th grade, and 8th grade, oh and 9th-12th grade also, and then again I hated it when I was a college freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior too. And again still hated when i was 22, 23, BUT AT 24...IT GOT LOTS BETTER! More funny Valentines day stories to come this month. I have one from 4th grade involving my best friend, a mirror, and a trash can...oh, yeah!)

I couldn't wait b/c I love blogging to you all. So therefore b/c of my addiction to blogging I also love to change backgrounds. Woohoo!

LOVE ya'll,
A. Rob

Winners from the MOM/DAUGHTER Give-away...

The winners from the MOM/DAUGHTER Give-away from 2 weeks ago are:
Congratulations and I absolutely loved reading all the comments left from everyone. McKinney girls and Banks girls...your packages are on their way (had to alter the bags you are getting, there are now 2 different kind of bags coming your way...but all the give-away is super cool stuff!)
WOOHOO, I love give-aways,
A. Robbins

Thursday, January 29, 2009

OKC, St. Louis, & KC Pictures...

Hey Friends,
Here are the rest of the pictures from the week of the Kanakuk Movie Tour with Joe. It was so great to be with you all and see your beautiful faces! Know that you are loved and thought of so often!
your (all of you) are so stinkin' cool,
A. Rob
The girls of OKC...Mary McLain and Elizabeth Holmes (aka: Bug). We struggled to get a picture with Bug's eyes open. Quite Funny!
This church we were at had a huge Kung Fu Panda statue so we imitated. Pretty good huh?
Here is the STL K2 guys and gals! Such an unbelievable town of cool people!
The "crazy" version of the same cool people!
Just the girls of St. Louis! A lot of us had "red eye" in this picture so I tried to "edit" them but I don't know if it made us look creepier with the editing job...sorry if you look creepy!
OUR FAVORITE DOCTORS!!! Shay and I stayed with the Pruett Family! We adore them and I just soaked everything up that this family had to say. K2 can't wait to have them back!!!! (and selfishly nor can Shay and I)
Here is the KC Crew! Notice Joe being lifted by the boys. I laughed a lot this night!
Just the gals of KC! Love all you girls!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kanakuk Movie Tour (Tulsa, OK)...

Hey Friends,
Well, I promise I have not become "unaddicted" to blogging. Still very addicted! (just so you are aware). I have however been on the CRAZIEST WEEK OF THE KANAKUK MOVIE TOUR! We traveled with Joe, you might know him. He spoke like 3-65 times a day in each town. It was so crazy, but so so so so so so so so (get my point) much fun! I don't have all my pics on the computer I'm on yet so for now here is the TULSA K2 Guys and gals! I loved seeing each of you in your own towns and it was just such a blessing to my heart to truly be reminded of my calling! Thank you!

p.s. It is so so icy here in B-town today! Like seriously icy/snowy/cold. I'm about to venture home so pray that I don't fall...I would fall with no one around and just start cracking up, unless I get injured.

p.s.s. (i'm bringing p.s.s back) I live 30 steps from the Kanakuk Director's office building)

braving the ice,
Ashley Robbins

Tulsa kampers (normal pic)

Tulsa kampers (crazy pic...please note Meredith Grooms' face in the bottom left of pic and notice me scarily attacking new K2 kamper Anna Alaback. Hysterical!)

"Hey Ashley, we saved you a spot across all of us!" Oh, yeah that was a good idea. This picture was only put up b/c I adore the Tulsa girls and they wanted the pic put up. I, on the contrast, look like i'm lounging on a couch weird!

Much better...Love you girls!

Monday, January 19, 2009

One last week of Kanakuk Movie Tour...

Well, I'm off again for 1 more road trip with the crazy Kanakuk directors. Joe White, Matt Houston, Jennifer Farley (Reno), Todd Rapp, Shay, and I are all headed to Oklahoma City (19th), Tulsa (20th), St. Louis (21st), and Kansas City (22nd). Check out for more details on each events. It will be such a blast with worship, skits, and Joe White speaks. Bring your families, kamp friends, and friends who have never been to kamp. I hope to see all of you in these areas!

Oh, and MOMS & DADS, Joe White will be doing mom's and dad's coffees in each town. So check for details on that too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monroe, or should I say, FUNroe...

Hey everyone,
Well, I am in Alexandria, LA about to head to another KMT (Kanakuk Movie Tour) show. These pics are from 2 nights ago in Monroe, LA. We had such a great time. More jumping stilts and ice cream...there is such a recurring theme with Shay and I's hang time with K2 friends...stilts + ice cream = CRAZY MADNESS!!! 
Back Row L to R: Beth Dixon, Caroline Nelson, me. Front L to R: new friend Natalie, Bonnie Guerriero, & Diane Sartor
Crazy K2 gals...Bonnie's face is my fav in this one! 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shreveport, Gumbo, Friends, & Jumping Stilts...

What a blast we had tonight. As we speak I am tucked into the cutest room at the most precious Bed & Breakfast. It's called Fairfield Place in Shreveport, LA. The families in Shreveport are INCREDIBLE!!! We had yummy gumbo, had a great show with lots of energy for kamp and new families, Kaleidoscoops with K2 friends, and now a great nice rest at Fairfield Place Bed & Breakfast! What a job!!!! We feel so blessed! K2 girls, thanks for letting me be a tiny part of your lives! You all bless me each day! 
L to R: Kaitlyn Williams, Jamie Smith, me, Meredith Cupp, & Gloria much fun!
Jamie Smith tried Shay's jumping stilts. She did really well! Here she is putting them on with Meredith and Gloria helping. 
The girls decided to do a hand-stand contest in the middle of the parking lot! Hysterical! (L to R: Gloria, Jamie, & Meredith)
Okay, this is the sink in the awesome room! So cool!
This is the fireplace and mantle in our room. We loved it!

Louisiana or BUST...

Hey friends,
Shay and I are headed to Louisiana this week. We drove 1/2 way to Cabot, AR (where my folks are) and we are headed out to Shreveport (I think that's our first town)...I get to see some AWESOME kampers tonight! I am so excited! I love the KANAKUK movie tour b/c I get to see you guys in your world, your rooms, your cars!! It's so fun! 
Road hippie, 
Kanakuk Ashley

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mom & Daughter CRA-AAAZY Giveaway...

Hey Moms & Daughters,
Well, get your Kanakuk gear here...I need a mom & daughter to leave a comment about what they do to make sure communication is open between the two of them (It's a toughie, I know?). Like how you two keep the relationship growing and fun. So the "best" mom/daughter pairs win a Kanakuk bag for both and a Kanakuk tshirt (very soft) for both of you!

I will read through the comments on Saturday, January 17 to pick the winner! Make sure to write your names and emails so I can contact you if you won and to get your mailing address.

Have fun,
Kanakuk Ashley

p.s. I realize people could "make up" or lie on this to win...oh, please, oh, please don't do that! I would love it if the mom & daughter type a message together to leave your comment. But ultimately I am just trusting no one to make it up...:)

A K2 Reunion of sorts...

Hey Friends, I have really missed blogging each day! Today I am going to have 2 posts...yipee! Well, there was a fun Starbucks Reunion of some really cool K2 staff this past week! It was so fun! We laughed, took weird pics, and just had a great time being together!

K2 has the coolest staff ever,
kanakuk ashley

Back row L to R: Laurel Wilson, me, Rachel Nobel, Katie Greer, Ang Jennings. Front row L to R: Meredith Grooms, Liz Norris, Trish the Dish, Bekah Brinkley, & Kat Hilton.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What to post...

Well, women, I'm a woman and today I literally just had nothing entertaining (no need to leave any comments if you don't think I'm very entertaining...I laugh when I'm blogging all the time). But today was a funky day! It's been weird coming back to work after such a relaxing vacation over Christmas. I think I am also feeling overwhelmed because I know January leads to JUNE 1ST. I am so very excited at the heart of me, but at the "to-do list" side of me I am overwhelmed today. So I thought...well, kampers need to see vulnerability and not here ya go! Today, I'm tired and overwhelmed...also could be a result of Nyquil Sinus I took last night. I mean, that stuff works on me!!! I feel droggy all day long! My eyes like weigh 894.34 pounds! Seriously!

p.s. see I just made myself laugh!
going to elliptical Nyquil out of my system,
Kanakuk Ashley

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hope in 2009 & maybe even Change...

Today at the beginning of a year, a new year, I thought of HOPE and even thought of the word CHANGE. Times in our world are, how shall I put it, shaky and unknown. What a time to cling desperately and unashamedly to the HOPE we, as believers, have. Hope for a world that maybe, just maybe, will have a revolution of world-changers from your generation to stand up and stand on the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. To know of His amazing grace and live life boldly amazed at that grace in our lives.

Just some random thoughts for today...
a. robbins

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Secret Life of the American Teenager...

Okay, I might be risking opening myself (and this blog) to some major hate/angry comments. But prayerfully, I'm not. I guess I have been hearing a buzz about this show from A LOT of kampers, my audience for this blog. So last night I was flipping through the channels while doing the elliptical machine (love those things, it's like running without the hatred of running that I have) and came across ABC Family. It was on so I watched it. I don't have an opinion (yet) and not even sure what the message the writers/producers/Hollywood person is trying to convey. I don't even really understand the title of the show.

So I would love some this show popular? What are the messages in it? Just would love to hear what you think...(please, oh, please, no crazy/mean/all fired up messages)...thanks for any help kampers, moms, dads, or random people that come to this site...

just trying to stay trendy with teens,
ashley robbins

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas with the Fam...

Well, here are some pictures from the week in good 'ole Cabot, AR. What a time! We played tons of ROCK BAND!!!!! (my new obsession) We got great time with my folks and with my brothers and sister-in-law, and, of course, my niece and nephew! Enjoy!

Love ya'll,
A. Robbins

Shay and I after the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service...

Pauline, my sis-in-law, Shay, and I after a 4.5 mile run...(shay was hardly sweating)
Jonathan asleep after a long day with his new F-150 Power Wheels truck...
Shay and our niece, Alana Grace. How cute is she!!!

I actually stayed up till Midnight...

Well, friends, Christmas is time was AMAZING for the Robbins' nest...New Years was celebrated with the Newmans, Sparks (K-Kountry Directors), and the Houstons (K1 Directors) playing ROCK BAND! Hysterical! I'll load pics soon! Hope you all had a great Christmas break filled with sweet memories of family and friends!
2009, A. Robbins