Friday, January 30, 2009

New Background for February...

I COULDN'T WAIT! I know it's still technically January, but I couldn't wait! And it's not b/c I love Valentines Day, although Kana-cupid would! (* Side note: I hated Valentines day in 7th grade, and 8th grade, oh and 9th-12th grade also, and then again I hated it when I was a college freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior too. And again still hated when i was 22, 23, BUT AT 24...IT GOT LOTS BETTER! More funny Valentines day stories to come this month. I have one from 4th grade involving my best friend, a mirror, and a trash can...oh, yeah!)

I couldn't wait b/c I love blogging to you all. So therefore b/c of my addiction to blogging I also love to change backgrounds. Woohoo!

LOVE ya'll,
A. Rob

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! I just wanted to say first, my mom and I loved the package you sent. But second, that I LOVE Valentines Day too! but maybe because its my birthday! I'm counting down the days until I turn 17!!! woo! :)