Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Personal Waddle Story...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Goodness...last post was September 23...oh my, oh my...please forgive girls and any other random readers who just wait for the email/facebook reminder of a new posting on KanakukAshley. I'm sure there are thousands of you...I'm sure.

Well, I have been very focused on writing our staff from the summer and it has swayed my focus of daily blogging on here. Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness...

Some of you might be wondering why a picture of a wabble toy, little cute duck, and penguins? Well, to that I simply say..."Welcome to my World of Waddling." Girls, it's a riot! I mean I have this teeny tiny nerve deal, official term being my siadic nerve (could be spelled ciadic or any other variation), and I'm under the 2 month away from baby due date. Girls, I'm a waddler. I embrace and giggle about this fact quite often. Our firstborn chick loves that I'm pregnant as she has a seat to be on when I'm holding her and she doesn't mind the waddle as she has more time to linger in my arms (which I don't mind either). So all waddlers unite...which that by the way should be NONE of you, prayerfully! (unless you have a bad knee, hip, or nerve...that waddling would be okay). Anyways, waddlers unite and let's hold our hips wide as we waddle, waddle, waddle away.

Well, random post #453...embrace waddling and embrace random blog posts!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go Hug...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Oh, woah, my goodness, I'm so sorry it's Thursday...seriously I thought I had blogged each day. Maybe it was because the last post about speaking truth (which random...the artist of the print is a friend of mine's cousin! Oh are such a small world!) took a lot out of me. Just kidding, but it was a bit more serious for me.

Well today I just wanted to quickly say one thing...Go hug your parents. Seriously. That's it. Just go hug them. No matter if you are in the "you don't know anything mom stage" or "dad, you are so not cool" stage...go hug them. They are your parents. They love you, maybe not perfectly, but they do love you. So c'mon...quit reading...stop it...get up...walk, keep walking, say "hey mom" and hug her for a bit. Doesn't that feel awesome!? Hey you aren't even at your computer to read I could type blah blah blah and you wouldn't know it. That's funny.

Maybe you are back now...don't you feel like you just need to cry a few tears. Oh, something about parents! Mine are coming to visit today...WOOHOO! Even at an elder age than you all and being a parent now I still get excited to see mine!!!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photo: / Seller: EarthArt / Click HERE to purchase (it's on my wish list for our bedroom...just LOVE IT! Again, does anyone know of any help groups for addicts of!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Speak the Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
SIDE STORY: Goodness, what a weekend. It doesn't feel like a Monday (although that could be because I am still in my PJ's and it's 3:15 pm. No biggie!). So you might be wondering why I am in my pj's still? Well, maybe most of you aren't actually wondering that but I will enlighten you none the less. Shay Robbins (how did I get so lucky?) completed his 1st Half Ironman on Sunday. He and K2 guy counselor, Jeff Brown, awoke at 4:00 am (I awoke at 4:30 am due to being awake, saying bye, and a little girl in my belly just a movin' around at 4:00 like crazy) and headed out for the race! I came later at 6:30 am to watch the start of the race and the transition to bike (in the triathlete world it's called T1...I'm so in with the lingo!). Anyways, I'll spare you the details and get to the post title for today but I was so very proud of Shay Robbins yesterday! To see someone do something so extraordinary is just awesome! It was so much fun, while exhausting with the precious one along with me, yet I did tear up (of course, I cry on Pentathlon day at Kamp for goodness sake) when he finished. I just was so proud of him! So there's my "that's why I'm still in my pj's reasoning/justification...oh, who cares...I can wear my pj's if I want to!

Okay, so the picture at the top! (Side Note: how adorably cute is this print I found on you tell someone {me} is obsessed with a certain homeade, custom website). Speaking the Truth in Love can be so very hard and that's why I loved this print. Sometimes going to friends or K2 staff is hard to speak truth to them and it's even more hard to hear truth from friends/husband at times in life. Truth...when truly spoken to refine us or correct us is hard to accept...but if you look back to moments when truth has been spoken to you in love...there is always HUGE blessing and a sweetness of being to be more like Jesus that comes. Oh, but it can hurt so badly at first and when you are the one going to someone to prayerfully speak truth in the print perfectly puts it..."Speak truth even if your voice shakes." I just love that. In our humanness our voice will shake when we need to go to a sister, mom, friend, husband or whoever to speak truth into their life to help them grow, be molded, and refined to be more like Jesus! I want that in my life and want to do that to other's lives...but my voice can get really shaky! (Another Side Note: I love how this print of this saying has the quote in the mid part of the body written across where our hearts are in real life. I have no idea if the artist meant to do that but I love it! I am now officially an artist critic...haha! Just kidding! I just love it so much how it embodies what we can all feel to have to confront or speak truth to sisters in Christ in our lives. Oh, I'm rambling in my side note...sorry!)

Remember today to speak truth in LOVE (not jealousy or gossip or any other reason)...even if your voice shakes...if you do it with love in your spirit then the blessing always comes...well, by always it could be a crown in heaven someday...which is AWESOME!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bucket, NO, Craft List...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, today I am pondering the list of crafts that I want to battle through...and trust me it will be a battle. I am the "crafter" that has the dream, has the drive, but doesn't have the skill. I look at these crafty people's blogs and just think to myself if I had a craft room like the ones above and below and I would be the Master Crafter...but alas I know that is a lie too. So for now I will just have my world of a 9.5 month old and basketball belly of another little girl and the craft list will just continue...let's be honest I really like dreaming and seeing the craft in my mind more than actually doing them. So it's a win, win!

Craft List...
1. for every room. Top Priority: Living room throw pillows.
2. Curtains...
3. Photos...every frame in our house is the random photo model.
4. Build something...bench, easel for the girls, night stand...something.
5. Paint Projects...2 walls need a little something...classic, simple, block of color.
6. Craft Room...this will be a 10-25 year project in the works for a little part of our downstairs...maybe.

Well, so there is the Random Friday post. I hope it makes you seize you crafty side and embrace it for the weekend. Go scrapbook, paint pottery, make a bow, or do a project that has been on your mind...go my friends...for the craft world is calling.

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photos: / Search "craft room"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall is Coming...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, today it has been a slight overcast but also sunny...all at the miraculous same time! Anyways, it made me think of weather, which also made me think of my great friend Jane who is slightly obsessed with fall, which made me think of why does she live in Iowa and not in the Ozarks where fall is like just amazing. (Goodness that was quite the tangent of thoughts as well as making me miss my friend Jane).

Anyways, so it also led me to my thought to post some (seriously I could have posted like 100 things) things I love about Fall being on the way! Sit back and think to yourself, "self, what do you love about the wonderful fall season?" Is everyone thinking that? Good...let's begin...

1. Soups...I don't generally like order soup at eating places but in the fall when I walk through the doors of Panera (or any sandwich/soup joint) it just calls my name...tomato basil, minestrone, vegetable, potato...yummy!

2. Fleece jackets, long sleeve shirts, little hoodies...again, I just want to go get mine out and throw it on with some denim bermuda maternity shorts (I'm laughing at my kitchen table at my own sad!). I like just a little extra layer, now don't get crazy. I'm not one to have one 5 layers to step outside but love the long sleeve tee with jeans rolled and my rainbow sandals. That's a great outfit!
3. I love the changing of the leaves. In Branson this is like majestic around here. Shay and I will probably be traveling for Kanakuk Tour during this time of awesomeness but maybe wherever we are on the road it will be a beautiful fall there too!

4. Caramel Apple Spice...I mean, really, it's like drinking dessert. We have some gift cards to Starbucks and I feel like I got such a deal when I can order this and pay with money that is free! Woohoo!!
5. Arkansas Razorback (you can fill in your favorite high school, college, or NFL team) Starts! I love the Razorbacks and although such a has been to my college days now am still a fan! Shay has also turned me into a Chicago Bears fan (NFL...not really my thing but I am now a fan due to the marital oneness).
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abide in Me...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Last night we had our AWESOME couples small group and we just LOVE our small group. It's rich, authentic, safe, and just awesom! (By "rich," I do not mean $$ but rich in friendship and love...just to clarify). Anyways, after enjoying too many chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A from the Farley's (check out Jennifer's K1 Komo Blog HERE) we all nestled into our living room to dig into John 15. Oh, it was so good.

The main you & I abide in HIM? Do you truly with each moment just abide in the Lord? Do you abide in His love for you when you feel so very lonely? Do you abide in His grace when you feel like you have failed? Do you abide in His healing hands when you feel broken in every way? As I listened to my friends last night I realized that abiding isn't super popular with the world. I mean you girls run at a pace these days that is, honors classes as a 2nd grader (joke!), sports, club teams, community service, church, small group, and on and on the list goes. I must admit that sometimes I pray our girls grow into rather "unathletic" girlies b/c I have seen sports take over no vacations or fun trips or any breaks because of sports. I mean let's be honest daughters of Shay and Ashley Robbins most likely will not be going professional in any sport. Sorry, random tangent.

I just today was praying that for you all, all being maybe the 30 kampers who read this, would remember to stop...slow down...and to abide in HIM. When we abide there is a calm to our spirit and a refreshing peace to our souls that others see and you get to simply crawl into the Lord's arms and rest/abide. So go do some phone, facebook, homework, or to do's...just abide in His Unconditional Love for YOU!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Target, How I Love Thee...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,

Oh, there really a better shopping experience! Maybe I'm just a simple stay at home mom who around 10 am gets a little break from the house and takes her precious beautiful firstborn to TJ Maxx and Target. Not that I am a money tree but I am a woman on a mission to make our new house a home and doing it on a thrifty budget. I know the picture above is of batteries...but don't focus on that, actually, seriously, don'T focus on that at all...the above picture has two words I love...price cut or in Target's case: clearance! Begin Hallelujah chorus! Today as I sauntered through the rows of cute tops for preggo women, little white sandals for our girls next summer, and rows upon rows of home decor that is impressive for Target, I came across my steal. I had been eyeing these large baskets for a long time and I nearly screamed when I saw they were cut from a whopping $40.00 (yeah right for a basket) to a mere $28.00. Woohoo!!! Now baby toys and living room blankets have a home and I can doodle what's in the basket on the oh-so-cute chalkboard thingy on the side. I mean it's been a great day just with the purchase of these 2 baskets. Rejoice with those who rejoice...Woohooo!! Well, that's the random post for the day girls! Sure miss kamp today as I could go for a good K2 sno-cone -- Lemon Lime of course! Miss you K2 kanakuk girls but soaking up each day that the Lord has made (cue song...i will be rejoice and be glad in it...this is the day (echo)!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

Friday, September 10, 2010

Storytime with Brooke...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, most of you should recognize the famous name of Brooke Roberts. Brooke was on our leadership team this summer and basically is a gal I aspire to be as I grow up. Just being around her is like a skit character...she's that, well, just inspiring! I discovered this summer that she is a great storyteller. She is captivating and poised with each word and very funny. So enjoy this story from our very own Brooke Roberts!

Story Title: Head Gear to a Town Picnic
The extremes that we go to for straight teeth are absolutely ludicrous if you ask me....who came up with the idea to strap a metal bar sticking out of the mouth with a cloth around the back of the head. And then for doctors to say you have to wear it every night. Do they think we don't need sleep? Not to mention the person wearing the headgear looks like they're trying to communicate with life on another planet. I was a victim of headgear. It's true. When I was in 4th grade I left the dentist office with my first headgear. At first I thought it was cool. After 4 nights of no sleep the coolness wore off. I only wore it at home until one day when my town had our annual town picnic. My mom and I were in a fight and I didn't want to go to this picnic. All of my mom's high school friends would be there. She of course won the argument (as all moms do : ) ) and sent me to my room to get ready. I came back out, dressed, hair fixed, and headgear in. I told my mom I wanted to "maximize" my hours for the day. She couldn't argue even though I could tell she was annoyed with me....and I proudly walked around our town picnic with my headgear strapped in : ) 15 years later I'm thankful for the headgear.
Oh, Brooke...thanks for the story girl! It's an automatic classic! All I know is that the line where you told your mom you needed to "maximize" your hours in a day, I could literally hear you saying that and somewhat tilting the head and making your face I'm still trying to perfect for my Brooke Roberts skit are just a classic!
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photo: courtesy of Brooke Roberts facebook page...again, classic!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Acquiring Network Address..

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, the title of this post was the message I had been receiving when trying for the past 2 days to get online...can we say ANNOYING? I was baffled and when I'm baffled my mind goes into "must do anything to figure it out right then." Well, surprise, I am in the corner of our bedroom, hacking into our neighbors' internet (don't worry we know him, adore him, and I got his permission) and still my internet through my fancy phone is a no-go. And what's worse...I had to call in the higher ups to fix it because I failed. Bummer! I know!

So the random story is just to tell you sorry I have been absent for 2 days. I hate that! I'm sure you do too since each blog post I'm sure is life changing with my deepness of thoughts and poetic literature...WHAT?

Hope you girls are having a great time jumping back into school, or at least liking your social schedule. Quick memory from 8th grade: I actually kicked my locker (while wearing green colored jeans, matching green top, brown loafers, and a cool beige vest...all while rocking my mushroom hair and rubberbands in the braces...please, I was so cool!) and a teacher saw me and made me go to the Principal's office. Only time I ever had to go. He let me go with no detention b/c I honestly was just trying to get it open and maybe be a bit cool too.

Okay, tomorrow...maybe a special message from Brooke Roberts, Backwoods Diva. I'll go facebook her...

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, this morning I had the blog ready to go and my crazy internet went, well, crazy. Anyways, so it's back up and working (Thank you Sharon Smith! Shout out! She is our transportation director extraordinaire and Phone Go-To!) and the post is still fresh on my mind...

I was thinking (technically now I was thinking about this this morning but go with it) about DREAMS. That word just kept coming back to me. What are you dreams? What were your dreams when you were a 6 year old? What will your dreams be when you are 20 years old? Our dreams sometimes hold a place of far off or illusionment (not 100% sure that is a word), unattainable but fun to "dream of." Well, today I simply want to provoke thought...what is your dream (no matter how far fetched or out there)? Why is it your dream? What can you do to grasp that dream?

I love the quote in this picture...not that ultimately you have no future if you don't obtain your dream of when you were (fill in the blank) years old...but don't let fear or "negative nancy's" (sorry girls named nancy, you got a bad rap) be your voice to hold you back from your dreams...

My timeline of dreams:
--little girl age: I dreamed of being a Barbie. Seriously...quit laughing, that was my dream.
--older little girl age: I dreamed of being a teacher and a bow-maker. My mom is a teacher and my childhood best friend had the best bows.
--girl age: I dreamed of being a professional basketball player. Bahahahaha! I know I work for a sports kamp but that does not mean I'm sporty!
--older teenage age: I dreamed of being on Broadway.
--young college age: I dreamed of being Katie Couric on the Today show or being a sideline girl for ESPN.
--older college age: I dreamed of...well, to be honest I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Welcome to senior year in college!
--young college graduate age: I dreamed of being a CEO of a business. Very broad, very random.
--still young, but a big older college graduate: I dreamed of working for Kamp! Woohooo! Dream come true! Yes!
--older college graduate age: I dreamed of being a wife and mom. Wife first! Woohooo! Dream exceeded all my dreams by being Mrs. Shay Robbins!
(I'll stop there so I don't give away my age...which is 29 year old...I know you just can't believe it! Stop it, no really go on!)

So enjoy a little laugh from all my dreams...they do come true!!!! SIDE NOTE: This posting has way too many of these (__) and these " " and these ... and these {random ramblings of me where I am talking to each of you but yet I'm not. I'm typing in my kitchen as the washer is running)

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kamp Life Staff Video...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,

Well, this actually was all over the place on Facebook yesterday but wanted to get it up on Kanakuk Ashley too! This is a hysterical video to show possible folks wanting to work at Kanakuk...we have 3 qualifications: love God, love kids, and possibly be able to play a bit of sports! (let's be honest I sort of bypassed the last qualification). Anyways, enjoy!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh, How He Loves Us...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, this morning I am at our 70's dining room table typing away and have the newest Passion CD playing on iTunes in the background. AMAZING ALBUM...first of all! Second of all I have 2 favorites on the CD thus far...Oh, How He Loves Us and Healing is in His Hands. Oh, my goodness these 2 songs are like arrows to the heart. If you don't own the CD no worries. Here are the lyrics to Oh, How He Loves Us and they are unbelievable lyrics. Read and feel them, not just words, but messages to your heart girls! I know junior high and high school hallways, classes, and locker rooms can be tough to godly young women. I pray in each moment that you need it that you would be reminded how HE LOVES YOU!

He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realize just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me.

And oh, how He loves us oh
Oh how He loves us,
How He loves us all

He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves.

And we are His portion and He is our prize,
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes,
If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.
And heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss,
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest,
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets,
When I think about, the way…

That He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves.
Yeah, He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves.

Yeah, He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves us,
Oh how He loves.

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

Photos: Search from on "God's Love"

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, this morning it is beautiful outside (fall started to come last week with cool mornings but it is humid again...well, rainy yesterday...random Branson weather report from me to you!) and I am simply missing kamp. I know that kamp has a season but man there are just days when you long for it. This morning is that for me. Here are 10 memories running through my mind:

1. Backwoods...I know it can be warm but I LOVE BACKWOODS TIME! Oh, Brooke and Knoth! They were the best! (see picture below...I'm sure they will love me for this one!)

2. Frito Pie...Okay, honestly I don't love Frito Pie but I miss it today. Weird, I know!

3. Amp it up by NASA guys and gals going crazy in K-Life to Nasa's theme song was
one of my favorite moments all summer!

4. A bell...I know it's just a bell and it doesn't equate to salvation but something about hearing that bell (even when I couldn't see it) and having the hope of a changed life that is radically living for Jesus...WOW!

5. Triathlete...okay, personal shout out here...I just miss being the faithful caboose of triathlete and that group of guys and girls starting out strangers and then in the end becoming best friends as we do the crazy, long, and hard Eco-challenge!

6. Trish the Dish and Lauren Kolter teaching Matthew...oh, such good teaching! (This was a our staff Bible study).

7. Tennis shoes...another weird one! I in the summer hardly ever wear sandals and I think my feet grew a custom to shoes...I have had to work my way back to sandals...I miss my color shoe strings (thanks all you moms/kampers who sent me some for the are a lifesaver!)

8. Beating the Boys at Flag EVERY TERM...yep, we won all 3 terms. This drives Don crazy but he always plays it off like the boys meant for us to win. Yeah right!

9. Oh, sweet Sunday Fundays...need I say more!

10. The Leadership Team & Staff...we had a phenomenal group of guys and gals leadership team that became like a big family. Then you add in 3 terms of incredible staff guys and gals...oh, man, what a place!

Well, there is my memory lane for you this morning. I'm sure you all are so busy with jumping back into school and fall activities but for me kamp is always but a memory away for 9 months till we are back there again! Praying for you all today!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photos courtesy of Brooke Roberts and Tanya Beardsley's facebook.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Heart School Supplies...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, as promised here is my ode to school supplies. I truly do miss the week before school when you and your mom/dad would go get the list of school supplies for the new year and head to Walmart or Target. It was the best! I have had quite the time getting pictures of school supplies today for the blog b/c Target is my favorite but their pictures don't let you copy and paste...Target, I was going to give you all the credit I promise! Anyways, so here are some I came across on Google Images and loved!

1. Sharpies: I mean who doesn't love Sharpies and then for them to make them in MINIS. Even cuter!

2. Go Green! These notebooks are totally recycled and so cute with the bright, yet muted colors. (don't I sound so profesh..."bright, yet muted...")
3. Oh, my passion! I love Mechanical Pencils! I mean really who sharpens anymore! I love just clicking away and having that lead just pop out! Perfect!

4. Okay, backpack vs. messenger bag vs. big big purse: I actually think if I were to go back I would want to be a rugged backback Columbia wearer (not b/c I really love camping or hiking but b/c they just look cool!). But I love Amy Butler fabric and love this bag! I'm actually trying to find a diaper bag on my favorite handmade website ( in Amy Butler, that was random information to tell you girls!

5. I love printed/funky/fun/any type of file folder. Love these! Again, Amy Butler! But LOVE any fun file folders! I mean I love organizing and if I can do it with cute folders why not?
6. Backpack: Again, this is from Walmart I believe and I like that it looks compact and adventurous like you are that laid back hiking girl...but with a touch a beautiful blue which says I still like good colors! (well at least that's what the bags says to me...probably not much of anyone else)
7. Who doesn't love a good pen? Oh, I do! I just love the Precise Pens! They come in all different colors but they are great pens...just great!

8. Composition Notebooks: again, a fav of mine! These I think are just the normal comp notebooks and then you can modge-podge cute scrapbook paper on the covers! How cute!
9. Cute file more needs to be said on my passion for them.

Okay, so there is a bit into my world of school supplies! I don't plan on going back to school and I only have a 9 month old so it might be awhile but I do have to get a cheap desk to work from home and so maybe I can get some new file folders for that! Woohoo!!! Hope you are loving school...but more importantly you are loving the supplies in which you use at school! (deep thought...I know!)
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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