Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go Hug...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Oh, woah, my goodness, I'm so sorry it's Thursday...seriously I thought I had blogged each day. Maybe it was because the last post about speaking truth (which random...the artist of the print is a friend of mine's cousin! Oh are such a small world!) took a lot out of me. Just kidding, but it was a bit more serious for me.

Well today I just wanted to quickly say one thing...Go hug your parents. Seriously. That's it. Just go hug them. No matter if you are in the "you don't know anything mom stage" or "dad, you are so not cool" stage...go hug them. They are your parents. They love you, maybe not perfectly, but they do love you. So c'mon...quit reading...stop it...get up...walk, keep walking, say "hey mom" and hug her for a bit. Doesn't that feel awesome!? Hey you aren't even at your computer to read I could type blah blah blah and you wouldn't know it. That's funny.

Maybe you are back now...don't you feel like you just need to cry a few tears. Oh, something about parents! Mine are coming to visit today...WOOHOO! Even at an elder age than you all and being a parent now I still get excited to see mine!!!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photo: / Seller: EarthArt / Click HERE to purchase (it's on my wish list for our bedroom...just LOVE IT! Again, does anyone know of any help groups for addicts of!)

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Anonymous said...

Two of my students told me that today was International Hug Day. So I got two free hugs today. It was awesome :)