Friday, October 31, 2008

K2 Musical: Episode 6

Hey everyone,
Sorry it has been awhile for the next K2 Musical...I have had some minor technical difficulties. Anyways, here is episode 6 (there was no episode #5 b/c it was changeover so we just recapped what had happened up to that point for the new 13 day folks). Fav scene: Gabriela (aka Lindsay Cannedy) sitting on the blob...hysterical!

Love it, A. Rob

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Speaking in Lee's Summit, MO...

Hey kampers,
Shay is speaking at a church in Lee's Summit on Saturday (November 1) and so if you are in the area come on by! Details below:

3 pm at the Worship Gathering: Shay speaks to whole group (Media)

4:15 pm at the BreakOut session: Shay speaks to boys, Me to girls (PURITY)

7:00 pm at the Worship Gathering: Shay speaks to whole group

Click on the church name and you can get the location. Would love to see whoever can come!

Holler, A. Rob
We LOVE talking on PURITY! Woohoo! p.s. this is us dressed up for a wedding, chello, I'm totally repin' the speedo awesome one piece lines! Oh, yeah!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My favorite music right now...

Hey everyone,
Well, this morning I just wanted to give you a peek at what I'm loving right now in the music world. Hope you enjoy! KANAKUK misses do I!

What if the world were your musical...what would it sound like? (Deep questions by me..hehe!)

hmm bop, A. Rob

Meredith Andrews: You're Not Alone

Flame ft. Lecrae & John Reilly: Joyful Noise

Lecrae: Jesus Muzik

Sara Groves: I Saw What I Saw
(I'm pretty obsessed with anything by her!)

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes from Brandon Heath on Vimeo.

Wrent: Believe
(This is Brady & Jennafer White from the summer! I am rather obsessed with them too & they are our neighbors. Check out more @

Branch: Plea

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teenage Parenting...

Hey Moms,
As I was traveling last week my heart was once again reminded of the role of parent. Kanakuk does events called "Mom's Coffees." They are a blast. I sometimes get the chance to speak a tid bit on the teenage girl zone. And please let me say I AM NO EXPERT. I don't have kids and don't presume to have all the answers for the teenager years. After working with the teen culture for almost 10 years I simply have a heart and burden for them. I pray when I do have kids that I am like my mom and so many of you who desire to raise godly, young women in this crazy world. So I just wanted to help with giving you resources. The book below is a great start and a great resource. Please know you have been prayed for today...
(me with my momma, She's cute!)
Another woman who is in the trenches fighting for teens and moms is a lady named Vicki Courtney. She is an author and very faithful blogger also :)! I check her blog often and she is very up and up on the newest news that affects teens[]. Last week in Nashville, I had the privilege of meeting her publicist (I think that is the job...sorry Andrea if I'm wrong) and she was just as sweet as can be! I want to, in the next few months, talk about Vicki's new book, 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter.
[Disclaimer: I have not had the chance to purchase this and really read if you don't agree with all parts please don't come after me. From what I've read and Vicki's belief I do think I will agree with the book. I just agree with the 5 conversations you MUST have with your daughter.]
Here is the first conversation, parents, these are SO GOOD! My prayer is that you are encouraged today. I'm so thankful to be helping you in your fight for your daughter (Dads & Moms alike!). Enjoy, A. Rob
"I hope you enjoy these additional tips on having Conversation #1 across the various age ranges. Remember that it is never too early to begin addressing issues related to the culture's narrow definition of beauty. Even if your daughter is on the young end, it won't be long before she is exposed to the message that she is measured by the sum of her parts. Our call is to help our daughters redefine beauty to match God's perfect standard.

If your daughter is five and under:
One thing I love about this age range is that young children often see beauty in people according to God's standard of beauty. We can learn so much from them! In other words, they don't really know the rules of the game for what constitutes "beauty in the eyes of the world" and it's absolutely refreshing. Do what you can in these years to set a foundation for beauty that matches God's standard. Pay close attention to comments made in the hearing of your child that refer to people being "pretty" or that focus on a person's external attributes. Rather, point out true beauty that you see in others. For example, if your daughter's Sunday School teacher is someone who earns the title, you might say to your daughter, "Mrs. _____ is such a beautiful person because she loves Jesus and loves to teach children about Jesus." The more we can use the word "beauty" and "beautiful" in the context that God intended, the more likely our children are to reject the culture's definition in the years to come.It is not unusual for girls in this age range to take notice of images of women (magazines, pictures, their own reflections) and begin to make comments. Mothers have emailed me about their daughters in this age range expressing that they want skinny legs like so-and-so or want to be "pretty" like the lady on the magazine cover. Take advantage of teachable moments like this to broach the topic of what beauty is in God's eyes. Go over the verses discussed in this chapter and help them memorize them. Heaven knows they will need them in the years to come! When you and your daughter hear a message that contradicts God's standard of beauty, take the opportunity to ask her, "What would God think about this?" Again, if she has tucked some of the verses regarding beauty away in her heart, help her apply the verse to the faulty message. The earlier we can train our daughters to do this, the better the chance they will be able to recognize the culture's lies in the years to come. For example, if your daughter tells you, "Someone at pre-school said Emily was fat," go beyond the standard, "Oh, that's not nice" and say, "Uh-oh. Did you tell them that God thinks Emily is fearfully and wonderfully made?"

If your daughter is 6-11:
If your daughter is on the younger end of this age range, take a minute to read over the tips in the age category above as it talks about the importance of establishing a foundation for defining beauty according to God's standards. Girls in the upper end of this age range are usually showing some signs of absorbing the culture's narrow definition of beauty. Many of the tween girls (8-12) I have surveyed at events have expressed concerns over being "too fat" or "not pretty enough." One ten year-old girl said she was worried her "boobs won't be big enough." Mercy. What in the world is a child like that being exposed to that she even has that on her radar?!! Which brings me to my point. Be very careful about what your daughter is exposed to through media. She can't escape the message, but that doesn't mean we throw all caution to the wind and allow her to tune into shows that are inappropriate for her age and engage in other media influences that are beyond her level of maturity.Remember, at this age, it's difficult for girls to break down the culture's lies. They are literal, concrete thinkers, so the messages they are exposed to regarding beauty are absorbed as truth. That's where we come in. We have to aid them in becoming "critical thinkers." Help them question what they see and point out the fallacies (models who are air-brushed, too thin, etc...). Engage them in dialogue and set the foundation for interactive communication.When it comes to issues pertaining to weight, focus on health and nutrition. Steer clear of magical numbers on a scale or an ideal clothing size. This can be especially tricky when our girls often assume that something is wrong if their clothing size exceeds their age. Seriously, who thought of setting it up like that? A man, I'm guessing! Remind your daughter that God makes people in all shapes and sizes and that in some parts of the world, it's considered unhealthy or a bad thing to be thin. Again, focus on the lies that surround her about beauty and take advantage of teachable moments. Go over the verses related to beauty in this chapter and have her write them down in a journal or on notecards and commit them to memory. As I stated in the age category above, point out messages about beauty that contradict God's standard and use the verses in scripture to refute the lies. Remember this is part of "breaking down strongholds and taking every thought captive." (2 Cor. 10:4-5)

If your daughter is 12 or older:
Read the tips in the category above so you are aware of our mission as mothers to help our daughters recognize the culture's lies and replace them with God's truth. As stated above, go over the verses related to beauty and if possible, memorize them together. Everything covered in Conversation #1 is suitable to pass along to your daughter when she is in this age range. In fact, the sooner you begin teaching her these truths, the better. Consider setting up a time where the two of you meet on a regular basis to discuss what you are reading. If you are convicted that you have bought some of the lies regarding beauty, don't be afraid to admit that to her. If you have said things to your daughter in the past that supports the culture's narrow definition of beauty, humbly apologize to her and tell her that you too, are a work in progress. I have had to do this on many occasions with my own daughter. Catch yourself when you are tempted to comment on someone who lines up with the culture's definition of beauty and instead, try to cultivate the habit of noticing inner beauty qualities in others and commenting on those instead. Point out truly beautiful people to your daughter (a godly Grand-mother or mentor, Sunday School teacher, Missionary, etc...) Finally, model God's standard of beauty to your daughter by claiming it for yourself. It doesn't matter if you have some weight to lose or need to start exercising -- take steps in that direction all the while, focusing your attention on beautifying the inner rooms of God's temple (your heart!). Can you do that?"
© 2008, Vicki Courtney. Used by Permission. Originally posted at

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trish Helsel sighting...

I work for a super cool boss, who is so dear to so many of us. She, last week, with Bekah Brinkley, an awesome K2 staff gal, headed to OU for the OU vs. Colorado volleyball game. She is totally that cool. L to R: Ally Kucera, Alex Buth, Katie "Jerry" Shoush, Meredith "great hair" Grooms, Bekah Brinkley, Shea "she was my kamper" Yates, Trish the Dish, and Ashley VenHorst
L to R: Lauren Beatty, Bekah Brinkley, Melissa Mercer, Ally Kucera, Lo Tomes, Shea Yates, Brittany Mayes, Mer Grooms, and Trish.

I'm back...

Hey friends, well, I'm back off of KMT (Kamp Movie Tour) and here are some pics from along the way... Nashville K2 Girlies...SO MUCH FUN! (L to R: Jordan Ruth, Meredith, Sarah, Kendall, Back: Devon, me, Haley, Jayme) The whole K2 family in Nashville. We had so much fun with you all!
Nashville: Hanging with Anna Brawner (K2 Leadership Alumni). She's awesome!
also Anna & I enjoying Photobooth! We're weird... Memphis K2 folks (Girls L to R: Grace, Mary, me, Neely, Lizzie, & Carolyn)
Crazy come girls never know what to do during these "crazy pics?" I always end up changing my face like 53 times before they take the pic...hehe!
Memphis: Lizzie Folk & I just chillin' at her house in Memphis!
Michael & Lizzie (sweetest family ever...also related to Miller Folk). We had such a great time! I want a family just like theirs someday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walkin' in Memphis...

I am loving KMT!!! The Kanakuk Movie Tour is going awesome! Ya'll Shay and I have been kickin' it in Nashville and then yesterday we arrived in Memphis and leave today to come to Little Rock, AR. Memphis has been a blast. Shay and I stayed with the Folks...Miller Folk (K2 unbelievable staff gal) and Lizzie Folk (K2 Kamper). Miller was at Auburn but Shay and I got to hang with Michael (their brother and former K2 kid) and Lizzie. It was a blast! We stayed up till like midnight watching ESPN and laughing and just chillin'. Shay and I got to hear about school, the town of Memphis, their UNREAL family (that Shay and I want to model our family after someday, ummm...again, I'm not preggo girls! ;), and then went to sleep with full hearts after being blessed by them! It was awesome! I miss our little house in Branson but we get welcomed each night to amazing homes! We are so blessed by all of you and your families!

Gotta go write Thank You notes, A. Rob

p.s.s. okay, tad bit perterbed (not sure of spelling?? :) I can't get my pictures to upload b/c it's saying it has like bad content (like ya know bad...) but they aren't ya'll they are pics of me, Anna Brawner, Lizzie and Michael...uggg! I'll get them up asap!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hangin' in Nashville...

Hey friends,
Well, I'm hangin' out in Nashville, TN with my new friend, Camille Thompson. She is a K-West kutie and soon she'll be at K2 (Well, 2 years, but that's soon...sort of). She's awesome and I'm going to go have white peach tea with her and her family! They have graciously opened their home to us! So sweet! We had our Kanakuk Movie Tour show tonight and had 200 people! It was so much fun!

I got to hang with Anna Brawner (old K2 Leadership), Katie Teece Long (an old leadership gal), and many more! The skits were phenomenal!
I miss you all tons and hopefully get to see some of you along the way! I'll post a picture of all Nashville K2 kampers soon!

Going to have tea, A. Rob

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lecrae is #5...

"I love rap and I am an atheist. I noticed that Lecrae's music was in the top 10 on iTunes and after sampling all of the tracks, I've purchased the album. Even though I don't believe in God, I enjoy listening to someone who believes so strongly about something and is able to convey it with such passion through his music. Great job, looking forward to more albums."

This was a quote of a customer review of Lecrae's new album. This is a phenomenal example of a man living passionately for Christ! His album is #5 on the top 10 HipHop/Rap iTunes albums! We are so excited to support Lecrae. Shay and I bought the album tonight! Go Lecrae!

Lecrae-crazy fan, A. Rob

Friday, October 17, 2008

The bag goes to...

Caroline Watson!

Thanks for all the comments left for the bag...they were all awesome! And never fear I have like 5 more bags to give away throughout the year. I also have the Kanakuk TopWoahman shirts to give away...and a TopKUK fanny pack (mountainman bag so it's cool!) too! The give aways will come randomly throughout the year! It's so fun!

Thanks for all your reasons but Caroline won it due to her need and also her creativity to use the bag for basically EVERYTHING! Caroline, it's in the mail today! (well it might not be technically picked up till Monday since it's 3 pm on Friday!)

Love ya'll, A. Rob
Congrats Caroline! That's her in the pic!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanakuk Bag Giveaway...

Hey Moms, Friends, or any other random person!

Well, I have some random Kanakuk gear in my office so I thought..."Ashley, duh, do some fun giveaways!" So I'm doing it. Here is the first one with many more to come throughout the year. My mother-in-law carries this bag as well as I do too! So it doesn't matter your age this bag is a hip, cool messenger style bag in khaki with pink embroidered "Kanakuk Kamps." All you have to do is leave a comment about how you would use this bag and the best one (totally subjective winner based on who is the best or most creative or most needed, anything works) WINS! So get to commenting! Make sure you leave your name and an email if you are not a blogger...

Have fun! I'll pick a winner by the end of the week!

This is fun, A. Rob

This is me with my bag. I wear it across my shoulder! (not sure why that is important for you to know! Random!)

Up close of the embroidered "Kanakuk Kamps."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

K2 Musical: Episode #4

Here is #4! I have loved hearing from all of ya'll that you are loving seeing these! I think they got taken off of YouTube so we are going to have to upload them with blogger video. I've been bugging our video department all morning but thankfully TIM OLIPHANT & Michael Gum (Tim was the American Gladiator this year) came to my rescue!

bet on it, A. Rob

Friday, October 10, 2008

KMT can be tiring...

Hey friends, well, Shay & I have like the best life! We hung out with Dallas kampers all day yesterday (okay, not all day, but dinner and night time!) and then we had Dad's & Mom's coffees this morning! I got to meet Annie Rea's mom and Kellie Flaherty's mom! I loved it! I know you all sometimes think your moms are clueless but I think they are awesome! I hope to be like so many of them someday with my kids...which is no time too soon! 

Anyways, so after the mom's coffee Shay & I headed to Arlington to be with my brother, his wife, & their 2 priceless kiddos, my niece and nephew! They are my favorite! :) We have dinner in 30 minutes with some "old school" K2 staff girls (JRob, Lauren Shoush, Lauren Daniels Pardue, Alyshia Foster, etc) so we had some time to kill and so we came to Watermark to have some down time and this is what my husband is doing...HYSTERICAL! (he doesn't know I took these pics...hehe! Gotta love marriage!)

I hope I get to see more of you as Shay & I keep travelin'! 

i'm a sneaky wife, A. Rob

Shay just moved from his first spot...he's so cute! 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Road in Houston...

Allison Elliot & Rebecca Allums hangin' after the Houston KanakukLive
Rebecca Langston & Emily Boyd are all smiles after hanging at Voss Creamery with K2 Guys & Gals. It was a blast!
We are making these faces (or at least I am, Mary Louise looks cutesy!) because she skipped soccer to come hang with us at the show! 
L to R: (bottom) Courtney Smith, Emily Boyd, Allison Elliott, (top) me, Mary Louise Clawson, Rebecca Langston

Shay and I are in Houston. We have begun the Kanakuk Movie Tour (KMT) for 2008-2009! I am actually sitting at the back of a room listening to JOE WHITE speaks to 70 moms in Houston! He is such a great speaker! Shay & I had a blast last night in Houston with a huge kamper show and ice cream with K2 guys and gals. It was so refreshing and reminded me how much I miss you all! I am just obsessed with teenage girls...I just adore you all! Know that you are more than just KANAKUK, you are my sisters and friends...seriously! I am flying to Dallas from Houston with Joe White, Kay Holliday, and Todd Rapp! Kanakuk directors are so much fun! I'll write more soon...

LOVE TEENAGERS - ya'll are crazy, A. Rob

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kanakuk K-2 Musical: Episode #3

Hey friends, here is KANAKUK K-2 Musical: Episode #3! I laugh so hard watching all these. This one has a random penguin in it...only at K-2!

p.s. The penguin is Brian Wang...but girls the penguin is always Ang in our hearts!

We're all in this together, A. Rob

A Crazy Robbins' Weekend...

We have been all around the USA...well, okay, just like Illinios & Iowa. Shay and I took off on a road trip with his folks and his brother this weekend. 5 people in a Jeep Explorer, it was awesome! We got to go see Shay's family and a new little guy to the family, Jake! He was precious! We also went for the weekend to go to a wedding of Shay's cousin. She was beautiful and it was so fun to see and be with all of Shay's family! Sorry it's been a few days since I last posted, we were driving and running around crazy! :)

This is from his cousin's wedding. We look quite different from when we are at K2 in the summer. Who knew what a shower could do?

Gotta love family, A. Rob