Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm back...

Hey friends, well, I'm back off of KMT (Kamp Movie Tour) and here are some pics from along the way... Nashville K2 Girlies...SO MUCH FUN! (L to R: Jordan Ruth, Meredith, Sarah, Kendall, Back: Devon, me, Haley, Jayme) The whole K2 family in Nashville. We had so much fun with you all!
Nashville: Hanging with Anna Brawner (K2 Leadership Alumni). She's awesome!
also Anna & I enjoying Photobooth! We're weird... Memphis K2 folks (Girls L to R: Grace, Mary, me, Neely, Lizzie, & Carolyn)
Crazy come girls never know what to do during these "crazy pics?" I always end up changing my face like 53 times before they take the pic...hehe!
Memphis: Lizzie Folk & I just chillin' at her house in Memphis!
Michael & Lizzie (sweetest family ever...also related to Miller Folk). We had such a great time! I want a family just like theirs someday!