Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walkin' in Memphis...

I am loving KMT!!! The Kanakuk Movie Tour is going awesome! Ya'll Shay and I have been kickin' it in Nashville and then yesterday we arrived in Memphis and leave today to come to Little Rock, AR. Memphis has been a blast. Shay and I stayed with the Folks...Miller Folk (K2 unbelievable staff gal) and Lizzie Folk (K2 Kamper). Miller was at Auburn but Shay and I got to hang with Michael (their brother and former K2 kid) and Lizzie. It was a blast! We stayed up till like midnight watching ESPN and laughing and just chillin'. Shay and I got to hear about school, the town of Memphis, their UNREAL family (that Shay and I want to model our family after someday, ummm...again, I'm not preggo girls! ;), and then went to sleep with full hearts after being blessed by them! It was awesome! I miss our little house in Branson but we get welcomed each night to amazing homes! We are so blessed by all of you and your families!

Gotta go write Thank You notes, A. Rob

p.s.s. okay, tad bit perterbed (not sure of spelling?? :) I can't get my pictures to upload b/c it's saying it has like bad content (like ya know bad...) but they aren't ya'll they are pics of me, Anna Brawner, Lizzie and Michael...uggg! I'll get them up asap!


Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm EXTREMELY jealous that you got to stay at the Folk's house and spend time with my Co! Wish I could've been up there with you guys! UGH! O well, only 7 months and 10 days, no wait, 13 (school gets out the 3rd) until I see you all!
Monica Rex

Anonymous said...


Totally missing k2 term2. Miller Folk was my counselor...she's the greatest. What a total sweetheart =D

Anonymous said...

SO miss Ashley...if i understand you and your hubbie are going to be in OHIO Nov 2?!?!?!? In Columbus?! If that is correct I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see you guys but was wondering what an "evening with kanakuk" what it is like. If I will even be able to see you and talk to you or what the shing-dig is. I think Nick, the bf we talked about, may come cause he wants to meet some of the amazing folks I talk about all year!!!! i know your busy but if your able to shoot me and email or facebooke message and give me the skinny what the deal is with everything. is it a family night wiht kiddos running around or just a Q&A...just wondering ;) LOVE YOU!