Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey Friends, know when you
It's been too long. I truly never
Hello again blog

Beginning is so hard. It feels like I have been out of the blog game for years...though according to my last post it's only been a handful of months. It's always akward. It's always a struggle to begin again. I love this blog although I hate social media. I always struggle with the tension in my head and heart of this whole world of the ever-instantly-changing-tech-social-media world we are in. I embrace but with my arms up against it. I spend time on it but always want the time to be a small portion in my life. It's tension...but a healthy one.

So I typed and thought...typed some more then erased...and for this blog and it's's a beginning. A beginning to continue with some things and a beginning to continue to write on this little blog. Dream on the blog with you. Allowing Jesus to prayerfully capture our hearts. Maybe give you perspective for the years you are in. I am no expert or claim to have it all together. Gee whiz I'm not even sure I brushed my teeth today. So with beginnings...let's introduce ourselves...

About this writer...
1. i pray each day i'm more like Jesus.
2. i fail each day at being like Jesus.
3. i desperately need and love the lavishing of grace and love from Jesus.

That's really all you need to heart is His, my home is full of a crazy man of 8 years, 4 little people that are on loan from Jesus to us and a camp that has captured my heart so I work for them b/c i love this camp!

Let's begin, okay?

Be awesome & Love Jesus,