Thursday, November 27, 2008



"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples." ~ Psalm 96:1-3

New Kanakuk Website...

Girls, Moms, or Random Strangers,

Ya'll gotta test out the new, awesome, Kanakuk webpage. Click on the links below. Leave comments of what you would change, hard to navigate, or any suggestions and I'll pass it on to our marketing/software people.

Don't know the first thing about Kanakuk Kamps? Discover it!
Wonder what the hype is about? Feel the Impact!
Need a new friend? Meet the People!
Want to see Joe White in a suit? Check it Out!
Want to ask a question or tell your Kanakuk story? Why don't you - Sayso?

We've hidden a treat on the new . Just type the letters "JOY" on your keyboard to find it.Share any of these pages with a friend! Just click on the little envelope at the bottom of the website.

Today, you get a sneak peek at the nearly ready, all brand new, Kanakuk Webpage. We need you to check it out, kick the tires, try to find problems, and let us know. When you find a flaw in the new website just click on the ladybug at the bottom of each page and send us a short description of the problem and we'll fix it.

Some known problems:Internet Explorer(IE) 6.0 looks bad, messes with our flash content, doesn't like going places, etc. If you are running IE 6, upgrade to Firefox or the latest version of IE. We'll eventually work all the IE 6 bugs out.You can login with your regular Kanakuk id (probably your email). You don't need it to get around most of the site but if you want to track your Sayso conversations or get to any of the personal stuff you'll need it.

Forgot your password? Click on the green "Login" button and follow the links so we can send it out to you.

Thanks for helping us with this. This has been a huge project and we really have poured ourselves in to it. Our vision is that you find it easy to use and a place that has a lot of value for your life and your Kanakuk experience. Today we lay the foundation for that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

K2 Musical: Episode 7 & 8...

I am having some technical difficulties with K2 Musical but PROMISE to try my best to get it up soon. In the meantime scroll down and check out what you have missed!
Love ya'll, Ashley Robbins

Wow, He Loves Us...

Have a kleenex cardboard sign might could read: "living for an audience of the world" and then would read "living for an audience of ONE."

What about yours?

broken, Ashley Robbins

Totally Tye-Dye Giveaway

Well, it's Monday...seems like a great day to give away some more stuff. I am somewhat going out on a limb here but I figured tie-dye was such a hit this summer and my hubby is getting sick of seeing the infinite stacks of tie-dye shirts that I would give them away for fun. Ya know...a little kamp memento (memento: something that serves to remind) of Summer 2008. I am very aware that my pride and my fragile tie-dye heart could feel really rejected by no one commenting to win the 1st give away, but alas I cannot live in fear or performance of others...not even when it come to my precious tie-dye. (I feel like I'm having a counseling session...and I type "..." too much)

Okay, so here is the first one up for dibbs...(see, that's like the 7th time)...anyways, the winner of this one must be the first to post when Shay & I were married (month, day, and year). Good luck!

I LOVE TIE-DYE, A. Robbins

(the shirts are small Hanes men's v-neck shirts. they have been washed many times...:)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Parents: Conversation #2...

Hey Moms & Dads,
Well, here is conversation #2 from Vicki Courtney's new book. I posted on Conversation #1 already and you can scroll down if you missed it. Please know this book is simply a tool to use. I got a chance to speak to Mom in Wichita Falls, Ardmore, Enid, and Edmond and mentioned this book to each of them b/c I believe in how it breaks down the ages to discuss some hard conversations. (p.s. I do not get a percentage of sales or tips from Vicki...I wish! :)

keep fighting for your daughters, Ashley Robbins

If your daughter is 5 years or less:
Be careful to expose your daughter to age appropriate influences. There is no need to rush ahead and expose her to television shows and movies geared to older children. Girls this age need to be more involved in creative and outdoor play. As I reflect back on these years, I remember how slow the pace was whether it was a trip to the park or a castle we were building with blocks. Kids are not in a hurry naturally, and we would be wise to match their pace. This is the age where they require much of your focused time and it’s tempting to rely on the television and other media sources to entertain them. Try to limit their media exposure, especially if you can’t sit with them to watch the show or movie. When they get to the older end of this age range, it’s not uncommon to have a handful of tried and true DVD’s that you have previewed or a favorite show or cartoon. It’s exhausting to parent a child in this age range so we all need a break from time to time. again, the general rule is all things in moderation.When it comes to friends, their primary peer group should be family members and close family friends. Talk of “best friends” and “boyfriends” can be confusing since girls this age don’t have the cognitive ability to process what it means. If your daughter shows a preference for certain friends, just leave it at that rather than confuse her by putting a label on the friend. Sometimes, I wonder if we don’t set our girls up by talking about “best friends” and “boyfriends.” Friendships take a backseat to family at this age, so refrain from over-emphasizing their friendships.And while I doubt any mom reading this book would be guilty of this next one, I feel obligated to mention it all the same. Please, please dress your little girl like a little girl. As she out grows the toddler sizes and is promoted to the children’s department, she will be exposed to miniature versions of what can often be found in the junior’s department at many of the local department stores. The influence will especially strong if she has an older sister who is also being enticed by these same fashions.

If your daughter is 6-11 years:
I am thankful that the choices were limited when my children were in this age range.I didn’t have to worry about my daughter begging me to watch Hannah Montana or High School Musical. There were few cable channels to choose from and children’s programming was still limited. Use your own discernment regarding the media you allow your child to be exposed to at this age range. If it’s a show on TV, sit down and watch with them to ensure it’s not one that is geared to teens or older children. Keep in mind that many of the shows airing on The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and other touted “family-friendly” channels are not acceptable for children in this age range.When it comes to technology, use the formula I discussed in the chapter where you take more of a training wheels approach. If you don’t have the time to monitor the gadget or online privilege, don’t allow it until you do. Again, be cautious of purchasing expensive technology gadgets loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles. In addition to the common frustrations of children losing or damaging these items is also the concern that it exposed them to too much too soon. For example, many of the MP3 players hold hundreds if not thousands of songs. Do you have time to help them upload those songs and monitor the content? If you decide to allow a cell phone at this age range so your child is able to contact you, consider the basic package or a phone that is geared to young kids and only dials pre-programmed numbers.When it comes to friends and peer groups, begin to pay attention to the types of friends your daughter attracts or pursues. Friendships escalate in importance at the upper end of this age range, so help point your daughter in the right direction. The decision to allow your daughter to spend the night at a friend’s house will be up to you, but many girls are not ready to be away at home at this age. My daughter gave it a couple of tries with a close friend and I found myself driving across town at midnight to pick her up. ☺When it comes to boys, don’t make a huge deal out of it. Don’t encourage it, but also be careful not to overreact or blow it out of proportion if she says she likes a boy. Oftentimes, girls are only play-acting what has been modeled to them whether it’s a fairy tale romance or what they see at home. Remember, this is a confusing time where boys go from having cooties one day to making their hearts beat faster the next. As an added note of caution, given the fact that more and more children in this age range are being given access to technology such as cell phones, email, and IM, make sure your daughter is not communicating with the opposite sex outside your knowledge. All it takes is one girl at a sleepover who has a cell phone and a set of parents who are too busy to monitor her usage. Girls this age should not be texting, IMing, and talking to boys as it often exposes them to situations that are far beyond their realm of understanding and maturity.

If your daughter is 12 years or older:
Drop to your knees and pray! Okay, joking aside (sort of), get ready because this is the age range when you will be hit with wave after wave of challenges. Use discernment on when to allow technology influences and read my comments above (as well as in the chapter) about taking a training wheels approach. As for other issues regarding fashion, privileges such as shaving, getting a bra, etc…, make sure that your daughter is comfortable talking to you about her level of readiness. Remember that many of these issues are extremely stressful to our girls (as they were to us at the same age), so resist the urge to respond to their requests by being in auto-pilot mom-mode. Don’t leave them feeling that their requests are unreasonable or ridiculous or you will discourage them from coming to you in the future. And remember, it’s not unreasonable or ridiculous to them, especially when so many of their friends are moving forward.If your daughter is on the shy and quiet side, sit her down and make sure she knows that you are there to help her along the way. In fact, it’s a good idea to do this regardless of her temperament. The best thing you can do in these years is to build a foundation of communication with your daughter. Expect that there will be issues to trouble-shoot along the way and don’t act surprised when they present themselves, even if it’s much earlier than you anticipated. Resist reacting to requests with shocked facial expressions or discounting their requests with statements like, “I’m not ready to talk about this yet. You’re too young for ________.” Again, they will make a mental note not to come to you next time.Be very engaged in knowing who your daughter’s friends are during this year. Get to know her friends’ parents as well. Help her begin to distinguish between "weekday friends" and "weekend friends." If you see warning signs that cause you to believe your daughter’s peer group is headed in the wrong direction, pay careful attention. Limit get-togethers to your home until you can get a better read of the situation. As I mentioned in this Conversation, sometimes it’s necessary to pull your daughter from a peer group or friend that is producing negative results. Expect that there will be resistance and do what you can to ease the pain. Help her connect (or reconnect) with girls you trust even if it means driving her across town to expose her to a more positive setting.The decision regarding dating will by up to you, but as my dear author friend Jackie Kendall says, “the earlier you date, the earlier you mate!” There’s a lot of truth to that statement, so proceed with caution. Most of us are having our own flashbacks to the past and parenting our daughters in fear that they will succumb to the same temptations we did. They very well may. The key at this age is to remain engaged in what is going on. Draw reasonable boundaries and remind your daughter that your motive is to help her “protect her heart” not ruin her life. Most importantly, work hard to keep the lines of communication open. They are not normally sharing their lives openly and willingly with us at this stage in the game, but don’t let them push you out of their lives. They wouldn’t be willing to admit it, but they need you more than ever.

© 2008, Vicki Courtney. Used by Permission. Originally posted at

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kanakuk Movie Tour...

Hey Friends,
Sorry it has been a couple of days. These weeks when it is shows where we recruit kampers, it is pretty tough to get time to blog. Anyways, we have had a blast this week. Here are some pics from the last 3 weeks of KANAKUK MOVIE TOUR. I am done traveling till January and so I will be putting up giveaways, tye-dye shirts, parents posts, and more soon! Continue to stay encouraged to walk FAITHFULLY in the Lord's love for you! 

love ya'll, ashley robbins

This is Shay and I with the Edmond/OKC crew. (Allie Cox, Kasie Webb, Bailey Self)
With our favorite Jones family in Ardmore, OK. Mac, Cooper, Hunter, and Rachel!
This was the crew of K2 folks in Wichita Falls! I stayed with the Ellett Family (Aubrey: K2 girl) and was so refreshed by such a wonderful and godly family! 
In Indiana, I got to see Laura English! She is a K2 T2 Princess for Summer 2009! 
In Indianapolis, IN we had a great time with Emily Palmer and Katie Pittman! (far left and far right). And I met a sweet girl that is hopefully coming to K2 in 2010!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Razorback Cheer...

This is hysterical! I saw it while I was on the road for the KANAKUK MOVIE TOUR and had to share it with all of you! I LOVE THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS...even if we are having a hard's because we are young & have a new coach! :)

Go Hogs, A. Rob

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Rebuttal to My Husband...

Girls, Moms, Friends, Ugg Boots wearers...we need to unite! Well, actually I need you to unite. Before you go any further on my post check out Shay Robbins' blog (just click on that) and then come back to read on. 

Okay, so my husband just doesn't get it. I will be honest...I am usually not this trendy, fashionista. I'm just not. I'm like a Target, T.J. Maxx, goo-roo! But not a fashionista...but I have to admit that I have wanted a pair of size 7, chestnut, classic short Ugg boots.
I know they are not like super cutesy...but nonetheless I would LOVE a pair. Shay just is hysterical about his dislike! I have been searching on ebay for like months (okay, like almost 1 1/2 years :0! And still haven't been able to afford those crazy things...even on Ebay. But I'm not giving up...even though Shay is fighting hard for me not to even get these crazy things! It's comical in our house right now...about Uggs! So funny!
Shay's argument to me is that my feet will get to hot. (I do sleep with my feet out of the covers at night...but again, I think I will like them when it's so cold outside). He might be right...but I obviously won't wear them in July. I just would love to have them for November-January...for the nights we go playing in snow in Cabot, AR with my niece and nephew...for the days when I want to look put together for the office but yet be comfy-cozy! I have to admit...I just want a pair! 

So girls, unite and leave as many comments on Shay's blog about why Uggs are so great and so awesome! Moms too! Anyone! is the web address or just click on his name in this post. Girls we need to unite! 

Ugg Lovers Unite, Ashley Robbins (a.k.a Ugg outsider...ebay lurker)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Praying because Your SELF WORTH is Daily at Stake...

Hey BFF's from K2 or just random girls on this site,
I literally have been sitting in front of a magazine rack in amazement of the culture we live in. Look at what's being shoved at you all from every angle...
Psalm 101:3..."I will set no worthless thing before my eyes."
Proverbs 31:30..."Charm is deceitful & beauty is vain, but a WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD, SHE SHALL BE PRAISED."

I just sit here typing this and am just sick of the fight that the world is waging for you all to feel like YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I have news for you....The God of the Universe, the creator of all things including every inch of you, looks at you and is enthralled by your beauty. The beauty of Himself in YOU. I know it's hard. I find myself reading the celeb gossip & have to fight just like you all to tell myself that all of the "hollywood" glam is fleeting. The articles in 95% of the magazines are trash. They fantasize a world that from everything I've seen with Hollywood shouldn't be fantasized. Think of the day when JESUS returns and even in Hollywood their knees will bow...

"...that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE SHOULD BOW, of those who are in Heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and that EVERY TONGUE SHOULD CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, to the glory of God the Father." ~ Philippians 2:10-11

Is everyone in Hollywood Is everything in every magazine But as you think about magazines, books, and internet sites remember Psalm 101:3. Do you set your eyes on worthless things? I pray not...think about it. 

If you want to comment I would love to hear what YOU think...
(no pressure to comment though b/c I, like you, am a blog "lurker" :) It's awesome!)

Lurk away, Ashley

Time in Indiana...

Hey everyone! What a job we have! We have had such a great time this week and this weekend had some down time in Indianapolis, IN. It was cool. We got to do a little sight seeing but mostly worked on catching up on facebook, emails, and rested. It was great! Last night we went out to eat with a dear friend from K2, Rebekah Novotny and her friend. It was a blast! I also forgot to put a pic up of K2 office girl from summer 2008, Mary Horton. We went to this place called Ivanhoe's and they seriously have like 300 ice cream combinations. It was awesome!
Mary Horton and I at Ivanhoes...YUMMY! This was close to my favorite thing about Taylor University...second to the people.
Rebekah Novotny, she worked in 2007, at Weber Grill being silly! Surprise! We saw some NBA player at this place and ate DELICIOUS food!
This is us again at Weber Grill. Scarves...they are so in! :) I'm so not trendy...unless I can find it at Target. Oooooo....I know, I'll take a pic of my new fav shoes from Target...hang on.
So here they are...from Target. They are perfect for traveling...cute, comfy, dainty, and can go with lots. Perfect!
Another angle...mind you I'm taking these pics in Barnes & Noble. They think I'm crazy...confident of that fact! Oh, well :)!

missin' branson, A. Rob

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Walk to Remember Moment...

Well, it's almost 11 pm (so past my bedtime...I'm old ya'll!) and I am sorry I have not been quite the blogger that I love being. I have neglected and for that I need forgiveness...JK!!! Just being goofy...I do miss it though. We have been staying at a Holiday Inn Express and it has this rather slower (probably still fast and I don't need to complain) internet but it makes me not want to blog b/c it takes a tid bit longer. Those 2 sentences make me sound bratty...woooweee! Anyways, here is a moment that I made Shay turn around for. We crossed from Ohio to Indiana and so I thought about the movie "A Walk to Remember" when Mandy Moore's character had a goal of being in 2 places at once. Such a cute part of the movie...anyways, so here's my version.My "two places at once" picture...(cue music of "...and I lift my hands and pray...")
Okay, you have to look really close, but to the right of the orange cone there was a cop on a segway thingy-majigy. It was hysterical. Shay is acting like he is riding one of those things. It was really funny!
Then this was just a lovely picture (did I just type "lovely?" Weird!) along the drive through Ohio and Indiana. And also a picture of our antenna on the KANAKUK minivan. Holler!

Monday, November 3, 2008

On the road thinking of Koffee Kake...

Hey friends,
Okay, so I'm kickin' it @ the Hampton Inn in Oxford, OH about to go hang out with Kanakuk/KAA staff at Jimmy John's (Shay is like super excited about Jimmy Johns). Anyways, I was trying so hard to catch up on Facebook messagin
g (which I'm still way behind...I'm just not great at staying up in up on Facebook) and came to this message from Meredith Treat (K2 Kamper) and she sent me a recipe for Koffee Kake...wooohoo!! So here it is and hope it's DELICIOUS!! 
KANAKUK Coffee Cake
2 eggs beaten2/3 cup margarine, melted
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup Milnot evaporated milk3/4 cup water
1 3/4 cup sugar
3 cup flour
2 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup brown sugar (I put a little more because I LOVE that crunchy topping!)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup flour
1/4 stick softened margarine

Beat eggs. Add margarine, vanilla, Milnot evaporated milk, and water. Combine dry ingredients. Add to liquid mixture and beat until batter is smooth. Pour batter into a greased/floured 9x13 baking pan. Mix topping ingredients with a fork until crumbly. Sprinkle topping on cake and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

Yummy!!!! A. Rob