Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow, He Loves Us...

Have a kleenex ready...my cardboard sign might could read: "living for an audience of the world" and then would read "living for an audience of ONE."

What about yours?

broken, Ashley Robbins


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for that ashley! it had me on the verge of tears :)

Anonymous said...

We did this at my church and it was incredible!

Anonymous said...

wow! i could write my own card bored testimony, saying,
" cut my wrists, no Faith, don't beilive in God"
on the other side would read,
"stoping those who cut and leading them to Christ"

thank you ashley for this video!

Anonymous said...

i was part of something like this at a young life banquet. it was so cool to share with our parents and our friends all the ways that christ had been working in our lives. mine was
"depressed mess"
"found inexpressable joy in him
1 peter 1:8-9"
it blows my mind how god can take broken people, cardboard and a sharpie and make something so moving and neat.

Unknown said...

i tried really hard not to cry...
mine wold read
dad commited suicide

but still in love with HIM