Sunday, November 9, 2008

Praying because Your SELF WORTH is Daily at Stake...

Hey BFF's from K2 or just random girls on this site,
I literally have been sitting in front of a magazine rack in amazement of the culture we live in. Look at what's being shoved at you all from every angle...
Psalm 101:3..."I will set no worthless thing before my eyes."
Proverbs 31:30..."Charm is deceitful & beauty is vain, but a WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD, SHE SHALL BE PRAISED."

I just sit here typing this and am just sick of the fight that the world is waging for you all to feel like YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I have news for you....The God of the Universe, the creator of all things including every inch of you, looks at you and is enthralled by your beauty. The beauty of Himself in YOU. I know it's hard. I find myself reading the celeb gossip & have to fight just like you all to tell myself that all of the "hollywood" glam is fleeting. The articles in 95% of the magazines are trash. They fantasize a world that from everything I've seen with Hollywood shouldn't be fantasized. Think of the day when JESUS returns and even in Hollywood their knees will bow...

"...that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE SHOULD BOW, of those who are in Heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and that EVERY TONGUE SHOULD CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, to the glory of God the Father." ~ Philippians 2:10-11

Is everyone in Hollywood Is everything in every magazine But as you think about magazines, books, and internet sites remember Psalm 101:3. Do you set your eyes on worthless things? I pray not...think about it. 

If you want to comment I would love to hear what YOU think...
(no pressure to comment though b/c I, like you, am a blog "lurker" :) It's awesome!)

Lurk away, Ashley


Colby Ranae said...

YOU are so beautiful. x

Ashley said...

you would say "lurk away".... love that.
you are so full of wisdom and truth mrs. robbins... i love that about you. it was SO good seein you last week... high light of my month. I feel like I already have so much to tell you.... been finding my refuge in Psalm 37... gave up facebook indefinetely and tried out with a lil diddy dooly thing... find it on my blog.

love you... even if you do lurk me.


Unknown said...

so true. how coincidental! My church's 9th grade girls small group is doing a devotional/Bible study on that! it's about body-image

it's called "Hotness" by (idk 1st name) Demarco *i think

i tried to find it on but couldn't find it, but i did buy it there. so far it's a great Bible study!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, When you were a teenager you dealt with Self Esteem. I went through so much pretty much my whole Junior High. and the fact that you're not letting it ruin you but you're letting it make you stronger of a person and spreading what you have learned just amazes me!! Your passion Ashley for people and Jesus is beyond incredible. Keep Shining Ashley because you're so wonderful, You're a light that everyone can see from far away, You're a friend when anyone needs You. I hope you know how wonderful you're. Keep Striving.

Your friend

Chloe Marie<3 said...

Love this post.
Every time I have thoughts of imperfection I read this post.
It encourages me SO much every time. I miss you so much!!!!

<3 <3


Anonymous said...

Most girls spend their entire lives working towards something that's worthless. Anything that we use in the attempt to satisfy ourselves is a cheap substitute for the Lord. We aren't beautiful for anything we've done or the hours we've spent trying to perfect ourselves, but for the fact that the magnificent God has looked at us and professed that we are HIS... and THAT is what makes us beautiful. Ephesians 4:24 says we were created in the likeness of Christ.... do you know what God is like? Holy, righteous, BEAUTIFUL, mighty... we are those things.... because the power in His blood has surpassed any fleshly mistake we have made, are making now... or will make in the future.
The fact that the Holy God hasn't looked at our unholiness and said "that's enough"... should be enough to draw to your knees and thank Him for grace. If we are Christ's, to ever doubt our beauty is to doubt Him. Fill yourselves so full with the Spirit that there's no room for the deceit that this world is constantly throwing at you.

Good post... Praise God for redeeming us.