Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time in Indiana...

Hey everyone! What a job we have! We have had such a great time this week and this weekend had some down time in Indianapolis, IN. It was cool. We got to do a little sight seeing but mostly worked on catching up on facebook, emails, and rested. It was great! Last night we went out to eat with a dear friend from K2, Rebekah Novotny and her friend. It was a blast! I also forgot to put a pic up of K2 office girl from summer 2008, Mary Horton. We went to this place called Ivanhoe's and they seriously have like 300 ice cream combinations. It was awesome!
Mary Horton and I at Ivanhoes...YUMMY! This was close to my favorite thing about Taylor University...second to the people.
Rebekah Novotny, she worked in 2007, at Weber Grill being silly! Surprise! We saw some NBA player at this place and ate DELICIOUS food!
This is us again at Weber Grill. Scarves...they are so in! :) I'm so not trendy...unless I can find it at Target. Oooooo....I know, I'll take a pic of my new fav shoes from Target...hang on.
So here they are...from Target. They are perfect for traveling...cute, comfy, dainty, and can go with lots. Perfect!
Another angle...mind you I'm taking these pics in Barnes & Noble. They think I'm crazy...confident of that fact! Oh, well :)!

missin' branson, A. Rob

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