Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Walk to Remember Moment...

Well, it's almost 11 pm (so past my bedtime...I'm old ya'll!) and I am sorry I have not been quite the blogger that I love being. I have neglected and for that I need forgiveness...JK!!! Just being goofy...I do miss it though. We have been staying at a Holiday Inn Express and it has this rather slower (probably still fast and I don't need to complain) internet but it makes me not want to blog b/c it takes a tid bit longer. Those 2 sentences make me sound bratty...woooweee! Anyways, here is a moment that I made Shay turn around for. We crossed from Ohio to Indiana and so I thought about the movie "A Walk to Remember" when Mandy Moore's character had a goal of being in 2 places at once. Such a cute part of the movie...anyways, so here's my version.My "two places at once" picture...(cue music of "...and I lift my hands and pray...")
Okay, you have to look really close, but to the right of the orange cone there was a cop on a segway thingy-majigy. It was hysterical. Shay is acting like he is riding one of those things. It was really funny!
Then this was just a lovely picture (did I just type "lovely?" Weird!) along the drive through Ohio and Indiana. And also a picture of our antenna on the KANAKUK minivan. Holler!

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Anonymous said...

missed your posts, glad you're back! ;) I love "A Walk to Remember" too!