Monday, October 27, 2008

Trish Helsel sighting...

I work for a super cool boss, who is so dear to so many of us. She, last week, with Bekah Brinkley, an awesome K2 staff gal, headed to OU for the OU vs. Colorado volleyball game. She is totally that cool. L to R: Ally Kucera, Alex Buth, Katie "Jerry" Shoush, Meredith "great hair" Grooms, Bekah Brinkley, Shea "she was my kamper" Yates, Trish the Dish, and Ashley VenHorst
L to R: Lauren Beatty, Bekah Brinkley, Melissa Mercer, Ally Kucera, Lo Tomes, Shea Yates, Brittany Mayes, Mer Grooms, and Trish.

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Anonymous said...

wait, were you in Norman?! it always depresses me when i miss people when there here... Love ya!