Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Road in Houston...

Allison Elliot & Rebecca Allums hangin' after the Houston KanakukLive
Rebecca Langston & Emily Boyd are all smiles after hanging at Voss Creamery with K2 Guys & Gals. It was a blast!
We are making these faces (or at least I am, Mary Louise looks cutesy!) because she skipped soccer to come hang with us at the show! 
L to R: (bottom) Courtney Smith, Emily Boyd, Allison Elliott, (top) me, Mary Louise Clawson, Rebecca Langston

Shay and I are in Houston. We have begun the Kanakuk Movie Tour (KMT) for 2008-2009! I am actually sitting at the back of a room listening to JOE WHITE speaks to 70 moms in Houston! He is such a great speaker! Shay & I had a blast last night in Houston with a huge kamper show and ice cream with K2 guys and gals. It was so refreshing and reminded me how much I miss you all! I am just obsessed with teenage girls...I just adore you all! Know that you are more than just KANAKUK, you are my sisters and friends...seriously! I am flying to Dallas from Houston with Joe White, Kay Holliday, and Todd Rapp! Kanakuk directors are so much fun! I'll write more soon...

LOVE TEENAGERS - ya'll are crazy, A. Rob

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Anonymous said...

Ashley I'm so glad I got to see you today and last night!!! I miss camp so much and i can't wait to go back.....You just made me so much more anxious for the summer to get here!!! Love you and miss you!

Emily ;)