Friday, October 10, 2008

KMT can be tiring...

Hey friends, well, Shay & I have like the best life! We hung out with Dallas kampers all day yesterday (okay, not all day, but dinner and night time!) and then we had Dad's & Mom's coffees this morning! I got to meet Annie Rea's mom and Kellie Flaherty's mom! I loved it! I know you all sometimes think your moms are clueless but I think they are awesome! I hope to be like so many of them someday with my kids...which is no time too soon! 

Anyways, so after the mom's coffee Shay & I headed to Arlington to be with my brother, his wife, & their 2 priceless kiddos, my niece and nephew! They are my favorite! :) We have dinner in 30 minutes with some "old school" K2 staff girls (JRob, Lauren Shoush, Lauren Daniels Pardue, Alyshia Foster, etc) so we had some time to kill and so we came to Watermark to have some down time and this is what my husband is doing...HYSTERICAL! (he doesn't know I took these pics...hehe! Gotta love marriage!)

I hope I get to see more of you as Shay & I keep travelin'! 

i'm a sneaky wife, A. Rob

Shay just moved from his first spot...he's so cute! 

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