Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanakuk Bag Giveaway...

Hey Moms, Friends, or any other random person!

Well, I have some random Kanakuk gear in my office so I thought..."Ashley, duh, do some fun giveaways!" So I'm doing it. Here is the first one with many more to come throughout the year. My mother-in-law carries this bag as well as I do too! So it doesn't matter your age this bag is a hip, cool messenger style bag in khaki with pink embroidered "Kanakuk Kamps." All you have to do is leave a comment about how you would use this bag and the best one (totally subjective winner based on who is the best or most creative or most needed, anything works) WINS! So get to commenting! Make sure you leave your name and an email if you are not a blogger...

Have fun! I'll pick a winner by the end of the week!

This is fun, A. Rob

This is me with my bag. I wear it across my shoulder! (not sure why that is important for you to know! Random!)

Up close of the embroidered "Kanakuk Kamps."


briana.e.e said...

Woman I love your blog. K-2 Musical. All of you at Kanakuk are just so creative. Also I loved your handwritten letter I got in the mail yesterday. Made me think of summer and the love all of you girls on leadership had for us.

So this bag? I would use this bag to tote around all my art/drawing stuff, Bible, and journal. You never know when inspiration will strike-or when you will totally feel called to fall to your knees and search the Word. Mmhmm.

Love you-
Briana Elsik
KITCHIE!!!! haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey A.Rob!
Hows Life? so i was totaly thinking about our random phone call last month and how awkward it was... haha sorry about that!! although i thought it was really funny :]

WEll, i would use this bag to carry my books around school so whenever people ask how to pronounce "Kanakuk" (which happens all the time) I could tell them all about it, and how fun it is!

we need a phone date soon! miss you! and hopefully ill get to see you when you come to Oklahoma!!

i miss you tons!
Love - Ashley Robertson

Nika Adidas Spaulding said...


I would use the bag to advertise Kanakuk to potential staffers in So-Cal and Dallas areas (which is a big stinking area). If you look at my track record of previous hires I helped with--Ally Kucera, Laura Tomes, The Shoushs (yeah, I convinced them to go to Kanakuk like 15 years ago) Lindsay Cannedy (yup, that was me too), Melissa Mercer, Aly Fleck, J-Rob, Trish Helsel, all of the Osages at K1 and Kountry, and um, lots and lots--then you will realize you can't afford to not give me the bag. :) Love you friend, this blog thing is pretty cool. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and looking forward to hooking up sometime in the future!

Anonymous said...

Ashley Robbins- I was one of your K-2 dance girls 2 summers ago...Lauren Coudron :) Not sure if that rings a bell or not but I know you meet tons and tons of girls all the time so no hard feelings haha

Just got your message on facebook and I am so excited to keep visiting your blog! I miss Kanakuk so much...not to mention the fact that I am PSYCHED all these giveaways will be taking place in the near future.

How I would use this bag: Well I could wear it to school and use it to carry all of my books and stuff, because I have tons of them [duh.]
Then, someone will come up to me and say, "Oh my GOSH Lauren where did you get that super cute bag from? And what in the world is 'KANAKUK'...???????"
And then, I am going to tell them how much of an amazing place Kanakuk is...well actually I'd probably tell them where they can get the bag first, so they can look as cool as me all decked out in Kanakuk [of course]...THEN I would explain the him/her what Kanakuk is and how much of an AMAZING place it is.
Then, they would look it up, probably sign up [uh, how could you not after seeing it] and then they would go and their life would be changed.
...all because of a bag that I won from Ashley Robbins.
The End.

[SO SORRY that was ridiculously long, and since I'm not a e-mail is you can just get to me on facebook!!]
Love you!

Unknown said...

Your blog is so fun to read. I can't wait to see what you post. I would use this bag around school and also on my missions trips to Russia and Uganda. The bag looks like the perfect size to hold my bible, wallet, and other necessities for VBS and english lessons. I hope all is well in your life.


Anonymous said...

I would use the bag to carry my school books for college, my sleepover bag...a general carry-all, maybe a purse, or my dance bag, you know, whatever it is needed for! :)

My email is

Anonymous said...

Ashley! i love that bad so cute! and useful! i would use it to carry my school books and clothes for sports and my Bible and pens for church! its just a great bag! Love you Ashley!
Love, Mackenzie

Anonymous said...

I must start off with that I love your blogs!!! HEHe I actually have it as one of my favorite tabs so with a simple click I can see what is shack'n down in good ole Branson!!! It brings a smile to my face and its funny because as i read...i hear your sweet voice in my head as if you were talking to me;) Also the K2 Musical clips are DA BOMB DOT COM!!! HEHe I make all my friends watch and they are pretty impressed with how close it follows the movie. So far the favorite one is when Lindsey gets the "t" rock! ;) I am just waiting for "get your head in the game" (my personal favorite)

So da bag. Well considering I represent the wild and wonderful kanakuk land all the way up here in the North where the majority of folks have never heard of Kanakuk....I feel I could do some good damage in raising up interest about camp. I love the south and Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, but lets be say Kanakuk and their eyes light up because they know the joy and sweetness that pours out of that place. But up here where the deer roam free and we snow blizzards occur you say the Kword and they are confused! I feel the bag would be an item I carrie around with me more frequently then the three kanakuk shirts. Its and open door to talk about camp even more than I already do!!! Hopefully someday little Ashland will be the next Baylor or A&M down at kamp.
Just a few ideas I'll let you think about. ;)

Your wonderful and thanks for everything you do for us kampers, Trish, Staff, your hubbie...your amazing and I love you!!

Anonymous said...

ASHLEYYYYY! I had so much fun last week at the Kanakuk Tour. I invited so many people, but none of them could come :( BOOOO. Our teacher's give us way too much homework cause that was their reason for not being able to make it. Grrrr.

Well I think those bag's are ADOREABLE, and am definitely already needing a new bookbag on account of mine is completely falling apart, all my stuff is so heavy! I would definitely use the bag to advertise the camp to everybody, because people are always asking about my Kiowa necklace with all the charms from camp I put on it, and always asking what my shirt means, even how to pronounce it. (It's NOT that hard! Hahah) I also love sidebags, and I would use it to carry around school and to hold my school things, or even for sleepovers or church retreats, if it's big enough to hold my clothes. But I would anyway! I could even use it for church to carry a bible orrrrr music for church/school choir! Or maybe to carry around my bible study I got from Kanakuk! :)

MISS YOUUU! And so glad I got to see you and get a hug from you last week, even if it was only for two seconds! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I hope the road trip is going amazing and God is blessing you in every way!!
Well the bag... Of course this summer it was my last year as a Kamper and I knew that I would be going to Texas Tech in the fall "wreck em' tech"! Everybody with a tech kanakuk staff shirt on or just plain tech shirt on, I asked them if they were going to tech and EVERY single person said no I go to Baylor!! Another long story attached to that but I was about to go there! So long story short that bag would be perfect at a school like this where no body from here goes to Kamp! It would help out tremendously when telling people about kamp because I do talk about it everyday and I make it clear to my friends that they should work there and that yall are coming down to lubbock November 17th, I have had it in my planner since September.
Well I hope that is a good enough reason and if you want some more reasons I will defiantly provide you with them!!
I miss and love ya,

Kayla Simpson,

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl!!!

Ashley, I miss you. Your blog has been so fun to read every few days, and I haven't gotten a chance to comment yet - but now I am.

The power of a cute bag :)

I would definitely use the bag to carry my dance shoes in. Okay, I know that's kind of silly, but I've been looking for the perfect dance bag. Something not too big, but not too small - something durable, something I can hang on the edge of a chair in the lounge in our studio - and of course, something cute :)

I've been using an old purse, but it's becoming so worn out it's kind of an embarassment...

Love your blog, girl. Great way to stay connected to kamp!! =D