Friday, October 17, 2008

The bag goes to...

Caroline Watson!

Thanks for all the comments left for the bag...they were all awesome! And never fear I have like 5 more bags to give away throughout the year. I also have the Kanakuk TopWoahman shirts to give away...and a TopKUK fanny pack (mountainman bag so it's cool!) too! The give aways will come randomly throughout the year! It's so fun!

Thanks for all your reasons but Caroline won it due to her need and also her creativity to use the bag for basically EVERYTHING! Caroline, it's in the mail today! (well it might not be technically picked up till Monday since it's 3 pm on Friday!)

Love ya'll, A. Rob
Congrats Caroline! That's her in the pic!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! OMG I was just reading your recent blogs and I scroll down, and there's me! I was like ..what? Hahahah. Thank you so much! I like yelled when I got it in the mail. So exciting!

I miss you so much and thank you again! I love it. I already took it to a friend's house last weekend! And to my swim meet :)