Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Heart School Supplies...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, as promised here is my ode to school supplies. I truly do miss the week before school when you and your mom/dad would go get the list of school supplies for the new year and head to Walmart or Target. It was the best! I have had quite the time getting pictures of school supplies today for the blog b/c Target is my favorite but their pictures don't let you copy and paste...Target, I was going to give you all the credit I promise! Anyways, so here are some I came across on Google Images and loved!

1. Sharpies: I mean who doesn't love Sharpies and then for them to make them in MINIS. Even cuter!

2. Go Green! These notebooks are totally recycled and so cute with the bright, yet muted colors. (don't I sound so profesh..."bright, yet muted...")
3. Oh, my passion! I love Mechanical Pencils! I mean really who sharpens anymore! I love just clicking away and having that lead just pop out! Perfect!

4. Okay, backpack vs. messenger bag vs. big big purse: I actually think if I were to go back I would want to be a rugged backback Columbia wearer (not b/c I really love camping or hiking but b/c they just look cool!). But I love Amy Butler fabric and love this bag! I'm actually trying to find a diaper bag on my favorite handmade website ( in Amy Butler, that was random information to tell you girls!

5. I love printed/funky/fun/any type of file folder. Love these! Again, Amy Butler! But LOVE any fun file folders! I mean I love organizing and if I can do it with cute folders why not?
6. Backpack: Again, this is from Walmart I believe and I like that it looks compact and adventurous like you are that laid back hiking girl...but with a touch a beautiful blue which says I still like good colors! (well at least that's what the bags says to me...probably not much of anyone else)
7. Who doesn't love a good pen? Oh, I do! I just love the Precise Pens! They come in all different colors but they are great pens...just great!

8. Composition Notebooks: again, a fav of mine! These I think are just the normal comp notebooks and then you can modge-podge cute scrapbook paper on the covers! How cute!
9. Cute file more needs to be said on my passion for them.

Okay, so there is a bit into my world of school supplies! I don't plan on going back to school and I only have a 9 month old so it might be awhile but I do have to get a cheap desk to work from home and so maybe I can get some new file folders for that! Woohoo!!! Hope you are loving school...but more importantly you are loving the supplies in which you use at school! (deep thought...I know!)
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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