Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, this morning it is beautiful outside (fall started to come last week with cool mornings but it is humid again...well, rainy yesterday...random Branson weather report from me to you!) and I am simply missing kamp. I know that kamp has a season but man there are just days when you long for it. This morning is that for me. Here are 10 memories running through my mind:

1. Backwoods...I know it can be warm but I LOVE BACKWOODS TIME! Oh, Brooke and Knoth! They were the best! (see picture below...I'm sure they will love me for this one!)

2. Frito Pie...Okay, honestly I don't love Frito Pie but I miss it today. Weird, I know!

3. Amp it up by NASA guys and gals going crazy in K-Life to Nasa's theme song was
one of my favorite moments all summer!

4. A bell...I know it's just a bell and it doesn't equate to salvation but something about hearing that bell (even when I couldn't see it) and having the hope of a changed life that is radically living for Jesus...WOW!

5. Triathlete...okay, personal shout out here...I just miss being the faithful caboose of triathlete and that group of guys and girls starting out strangers and then in the end becoming best friends as we do the crazy, long, and hard Eco-challenge!

6. Trish the Dish and Lauren Kolter teaching Matthew...oh, such good teaching! (This was a our staff Bible study).

7. Tennis shoes...another weird one! I in the summer hardly ever wear sandals and I think my feet grew a custom to shoes...I have had to work my way back to sandals...I miss my color shoe strings (thanks all you moms/kampers who sent me some for the are a lifesaver!)

8. Beating the Boys at Flag EVERY TERM...yep, we won all 3 terms. This drives Don crazy but he always plays it off like the boys meant for us to win. Yeah right!

9. Oh, sweet Sunday Fundays...need I say more!

10. The Leadership Team & Staff...we had a phenomenal group of guys and gals leadership team that became like a big family. Then you add in 3 terms of incredible staff guys and gals...oh, man, what a place!

Well, there is my memory lane for you this morning. I'm sure you all are so busy with jumping back into school and fall activities but for me kamp is always but a memory away for 9 months till we are back there again! Praying for you all today!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
Photos courtesy of Brooke Roberts and Tanya Beardsley's facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for the shoutout. Miss you lots!!!!