Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hope in 2009 & maybe even Change...

Today at the beginning of a year, a new year, I thought of HOPE and even thought of the word CHANGE. Times in our world are, how shall I put it, shaky and unknown. What a time to cling desperately and unashamedly to the HOPE we, as believers, have. Hope for a world that maybe, just maybe, will have a revolution of world-changers from your generation to stand up and stand on the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. To know of His amazing grace and live life boldly amazed at that grace in our lives.

Just some random thoughts for today...
a. robbins

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Eliza Hart said...

Dearest Ashley, I do love coming through and reading what's been new on your mind every once in a while. It was great to see you at Kanakuk Live in the fall in Franklin/Nashville. I miss you! Hope to get in touch soon.

Jayme Elizabeth