Thursday, January 8, 2009

What to post...

Well, women, I'm a woman and today I literally just had nothing entertaining (no need to leave any comments if you don't think I'm very entertaining...I laugh when I'm blogging all the time). But today was a funky day! It's been weird coming back to work after such a relaxing vacation over Christmas. I think I am also feeling overwhelmed because I know January leads to JUNE 1ST. I am so very excited at the heart of me, but at the "to-do list" side of me I am overwhelmed today. So I thought...well, kampers need to see vulnerability and not here ya go! Today, I'm tired and overwhelmed...also could be a result of Nyquil Sinus I took last night. I mean, that stuff works on me!!! I feel droggy all day long! My eyes like weigh 894.34 pounds! Seriously!

p.s. see I just made myself laugh!
going to elliptical Nyquil out of my system,
Kanakuk Ashley

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Anonymous said...

I love the baby! it is hilarious!!!