Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kanakuk Movie Tour (Tulsa, OK)...

Hey Friends,
Well, I promise I have not become "unaddicted" to blogging. Still very addicted! (just so you are aware). I have however been on the CRAZIEST WEEK OF THE KANAKUK MOVIE TOUR! We traveled with Joe, you might know him. He spoke like 3-65 times a day in each town. It was so crazy, but so so so so so so so so (get my point) much fun! I don't have all my pics on the computer I'm on yet so for now here is the TULSA K2 Guys and gals! I loved seeing each of you in your own towns and it was just such a blessing to my heart to truly be reminded of my calling! Thank you!

p.s. It is so so icy here in B-town today! Like seriously icy/snowy/cold. I'm about to venture home so pray that I don't fall...I would fall with no one around and just start cracking up, unless I get injured.

p.s.s. (i'm bringing p.s.s back) I live 30 steps from the Kanakuk Director's office building)

braving the ice,
Ashley Robbins

Tulsa kampers (normal pic)

Tulsa kampers (crazy pic...please note Meredith Grooms' face in the bottom left of pic and notice me scarily attacking new K2 kamper Anna Alaback. Hysterical!)

"Hey Ashley, we saved you a spot across all of us!" Oh, yeah that was a good idea. This picture was only put up b/c I adore the Tulsa girls and they wanted the pic put up. I, on the contrast, look like i'm lounging on a couch awkwardly...so weird!

Much better...Love you girls!

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