Thursday, January 29, 2009

OKC, St. Louis, & KC Pictures...

Hey Friends,
Here are the rest of the pictures from the week of the Kanakuk Movie Tour with Joe. It was so great to be with you all and see your beautiful faces! Know that you are loved and thought of so often!
your (all of you) are so stinkin' cool,
A. Rob
The girls of OKC...Mary McLain and Elizabeth Holmes (aka: Bug). We struggled to get a picture with Bug's eyes open. Quite Funny!
This church we were at had a huge Kung Fu Panda statue so we imitated. Pretty good huh?
Here is the STL K2 guys and gals! Such an unbelievable town of cool people!
The "crazy" version of the same cool people!
Just the girls of St. Louis! A lot of us had "red eye" in this picture so I tried to "edit" them but I don't know if it made us look creepier with the editing job...sorry if you look creepy!
OUR FAVORITE DOCTORS!!! Shay and I stayed with the Pruett Family! We adore them and I just soaked everything up that this family had to say. K2 can't wait to have them back!!!! (and selfishly nor can Shay and I)
Here is the KC Crew! Notice Joe being lifted by the boys. I laughed a lot this night!
Just the gals of KC! Love all you girls!

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Anonymous said...

Ash! it was SO fun to see you in OKC! i wish i could have stayed for the whole thing! Miss you!