Friday, January 9, 2009

Mom & Daughter CRA-AAAZY Giveaway...

Hey Moms & Daughters,
Well, get your Kanakuk gear here...I need a mom & daughter to leave a comment about what they do to make sure communication is open between the two of them (It's a toughie, I know?). Like how you two keep the relationship growing and fun. So the "best" mom/daughter pairs win a Kanakuk bag for both and a Kanakuk tshirt (very soft) for both of you!

I will read through the comments on Saturday, January 17 to pick the winner! Make sure to write your names and emails so I can contact you if you won and to get your mailing address.

Have fun,
Kanakuk Ashley

p.s. I realize people could "make up" or lie on this to win...oh, please, oh, please don't do that! I would love it if the mom & daughter type a message together to leave your comment. But ultimately I am just trusting no one to make it up...:)


Chloe Marie<3 said...

Well, here it goes--

Before the past month & a halfish, maybe two months, I have never really been able to talk to my mom and open up and share things with her. But, with going to boarding school, I have learned the true importance of communication. I have learned that talking to my mom is the best thing for me and that she can help me so much more than ANYONE.. I mean, she IS my mother.
But as for making sure that communication is open between the two of us, we just really try and open up and talk to each other about everything.

I will admit I never use to tell my mom ANYTHING but now I tell her pretty much everything. It's cute, if I am having a really bad day, she'll just know, she'll text me and be like "Chlo I'll have my phone by me all night incase you need me! I love you so much, and don't be afraid to call me!" And as crazy as it seems, I have called her at two in the morning bawling, whether it's because my stomach hurts or I am just really really upset.

I really feel like Mother and Daughter communication is SO important because your mom, weather your adopted or not, knows what is best for you! She knows everything from the best food choices for you to like the best decision for the like biggest struggle in your life.

Being at boarding school, it is hard to bond with my mom, and even to do this, but honestly, me and my moms relationship grows even just every time we talk.

But, anyways, I'm going to quit repeating my self and babbling.


<3 you Ash(:

Riley said...

Persistence! The greatest time Riley and I have are in the car after school. I pick her up at 3:00 and we have 45 minutes before we pick up her brothers. It is the perfect time to find out everything about school, friends, boys and now "health class". Riley and I have always had open communication. Just this year one of her friends made the statement she could not tell her about her boyfriend because she said, "you tell your mom everything". Oddly enough that made me smile:)
Riley's input was that she loves our girls day in Springfield. We both love sushi and shopping.
I can only hope and pray that the bond we have will stay as close as it is now throughout the rest of her life.

Tracy and Riley Banks

Anonymous said...

Lauren and I like to be silly together, whether it's singing silly songs that we make up or playing games together. Lauren is my youngest daughter and the only one still at home, so we have more one on one time now. When my husband travels each week, she always "spends the night" in my room and we talk about our days.We also text each other throughout the day just to say I love you or to update each other on what's going on. Lauren isn't afraid to ask tough questions or confide in me.

My mom is a great inspiration to me! I love to hang out with her and goof off, but I also know she can be there for me when I really need her. High school is supposed to be the glory years of growing up, but my first two and a half years at school have been filled with heartache and confusion. I've always been able to go to my mom and talk to her about things and I love that I can do that. A lot of my friends don't have great relationships with their parents, and sometimes I can take that for granted. A great way I recently spent time with my mom was maybe not the most fun thing to do, but I enjoyed it because I was with her. She had a minor surgery but had to stay overnight, so that night I drove all the way downtown by myself for the first time, and I spent the night on the floor of the hospital just to keep her company. My mom and I love each other very much, and I would do just about anything for her!

Janis and Lauren McKinney

Anonymous said...

For a long time we didn't have much communication. But what we're starting to do is at night time (it was kind of unintentional at first, actually) I go to her room and we just talk...we just finished reading "The Shack" together, so we've been talking about that. Since I'm home-schooled, there'll be times during the day that we may just start talking as well. I guess how we keep our communication lines open is to be with people (each other) and me not "hiding up in my room" all the time, like I used to (even though sometimes I still do).

Grace T.

Anonymous said...

I forgot...another thing we do together is play the Wii, which we got for Christmas! Wii Sports, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Play...those kinds of games. It's hilarious watching each other golf balls into the lake or from one sand pit to the other! That gives us a chance to have fun together too as well as talk in between.

Grace T.