Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shreveport, Gumbo, Friends, & Jumping Stilts...

What a blast we had tonight. As we speak I am tucked into the cutest room at the most precious Bed & Breakfast. It's called Fairfield Place in Shreveport, LA. The families in Shreveport are INCREDIBLE!!! We had yummy gumbo, had a great show with lots of energy for kamp and new families, Kaleidoscoops with K2 friends, and now a great nice rest at Fairfield Place Bed & Breakfast! What a job!!!! We feel so blessed! K2 girls, thanks for letting me be a tiny part of your lives! You all bless me each day! 
L to R: Kaitlyn Williams, Jamie Smith, me, Meredith Cupp, & Gloria much fun!
Jamie Smith tried Shay's jumping stilts. She did really well! Here she is putting them on with Meredith and Gloria helping. 
The girls decided to do a hand-stand contest in the middle of the parking lot! Hysterical! (L to R: Gloria, Jamie, & Meredith)
Okay, this is the sink in the awesome room! So cool!
This is the fireplace and mantle in our room. We loved it!

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seriouslymere said...

i've lived in shreveport since 1991 and i've never seen fairfield're so lucky!

hope you enjoyed traveling through the parishes of Louisiana...they're so much cooler than counties. : )

see you soon in Tulsa!!!