Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wish we could all be more like Linda Hamilton...

This video is long but you gotta make it to at least 4:45...Would you be like Linda Hamilton? I want to say that I would...would you?

Love people,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

p.s. My friend from our leadership team 08, Alyshia Foster, showed this to me!

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Anonymous said...

ashley this video made me cry!!!!
i wish we could all be like that just wanting the good for people and loving them even though they dont know who we are.i love alisha!!! i want to be her friend too. when she spoke at backwoods and church it made me always feel special like she was talking just to me and that she asked god to fix my heart her talks made me want to love god like that. she works so hard with the kitchys and loves people like linda does i think..... i always wanted to write her a goody with this stuff but was afraid will you tell her someone wrote this and loves her back. will she be at k2 this summer i might be brave to give her a hug......thank you for bloging and teaching us ashley