Monday, March 15, 2010

KANAKUK PARENTS, Go On & Get Your Armor,

KANAKUK PARENTS: Goodness, I am pretty much fired up this morning...okay, not like go out and start a strike fired up but fired up as a woman of the Lord, wife, and mom of a girl. Today I hopped over to to catch up on what is going on in the world. I am usually so very clueless and rely on my husband and fellow K1 assistant director to keep me informed on all things politics, religion, world affairs, and entertainment. Well, Shay never helps with entertainment unless it's sports related. Anyways, I am very shaky on writing this because I DO NOT want people to watch this video. To preface this article let's just say that MTV has banned this video.

I am 10000000% writing this to parents because I have had dear parents say..."Lady Gaga oh it's a fun upbeat song," or I have heard "Okay, now who is she because my kids love her." Oh, moms and dads...RED FLAG RED FLAG! Lady Gaga's latest video is with Beyonce and has an abundance of trash...again, please trust me or head over to here to read article. I know that during the teenage years you cannot control everything from sun up to sun down that your precious daughter(s) hear. I know that the world's voice each day grows so very loud over yours and sometimes even the Lord's voice in your daughter's heart.

But this morning, with my little 4 month old little girl sleeping, I made a vow. A vow to be involved. A vow to be a MOM not a best friend. A vow to be aware. A vow to be the protector of my home like Mel Gibson in Patriot. I will guard my computer in my home. I will guard the iPod. I will guard the iPhone. I will guard iTunes (are "i's" taking over the technology world!...sorry, side note for comic relief with my motivational blogging monologue). Lady Gaga...Beyonce...or whoever else, you will not influence my daughter. You will not be someone I want her to be like. You will not be an upbeat song I play without having a clue.

My banner is raised...this momma is putting on her armor (oh, Jordin Sparks song just jumped into my head...go on and get your armor, get you armo-or!). Parents, you in?

(*Side note: I am not "angry" at Lady Gaga as a person. She, I'm guessing, does not know the unconditional love of a Savior. I am simply not allowing the junk of this world to stealthly make their way into Shay and I's home. Every crack in our home will be sealed with the TRUTH of God's Word.)

Be awesome, Love Jesus, and go on & get your armor,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins


Joni said...

Amen Ashley!! I'm not a parent--but I agree whole-heartedly on strapping on the armor and protecting the next generation! Satan and sin in general, is so easily disguised isn't it? Thanks for sharing Ash!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making a vow to be a mom and a best friend---I'm sure LuLu will stomp to her room a few times because you won't let her go to the lock-in at the skating rink (that was my case, haha! I was so silly)..... but because my mom was my MOM for 18 years, I can now call her my best friend.

Praying for the Lord to fill you with wisdom and guidance to raise precious LuLu in this crazy world.

Anonymous said...

Ashley - I love your comment about not being "angry" at Lady Gaga. It made me look at myself and realize that yes, as a mom of daughters age 5 & 14, I AM angry at Lady Gaga and our culture that promotes this trash. I need to work through my anger so that I can approach these issues from a more loving, Christ-like perspective.

Thank you for your insightful post. I am sharing it with all of my "mom" friends!

Anonymous said...

i totally know what you mean, even though im not a mom! the world stinks! i'm a frosh in high school. when i was in grade school, it didnt seem like many people (whom i knew) cussed, but now, it seems like everyone is cussing. its so annoying, and they dont understand why its wrong. and what makes it worse is i go to a Catholic high school, where almost everyone (like me) is Catholic, and none of the teachers (even the theology teachers) bother to correct us!