Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, to be this Bicycle...

Hey KANAKUK girlies! How's this Tuesday morning for each of you? I pray good...ya know what, I pray it's great! I guess most of you are on Spring Break or at least close to being on spring break. Where are you? I hope that you are with your family and loving that time with them.

Not sure what the bicycle is about...but I just love beach cruisers. When my friend, Aly (who is having twins...woohooo!) got married she had a beach wedding and it was beautiful. We stayed at this beach house and it had beach cruiser bikes...oh, they were awesome! Maybe I am dwelling on this picture because it is so feminine, slow paced, and it just looks like the world is all okay. I just love it so! Too bad I live in Branson and having a beach cruiser would be rather pointless...but so stinkin' awesome!

This post has no point...enjoy! Some of you could find a deep point somewhere in this...I'm sure. Maybe it's that we too should be like this beach cruiser...feminine, slow paced, and fully calm in the Lord...ooooo, good comparison for those that thought of that...

Be awesome, love Jesus, and ride a beach cruiser if you have one,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

(picture: weheartit.com...careful some sketchy/artsy/weird pics on there...mandy lynn photography)

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jennaferwhite said...

When you bring Lulu to my castle, I'll dress her like Cinderella while you ride around on my beach cruiser! :)