Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Little Kitty...

Hello Kanakuk Kitty Fans,
Okay, I don't know necessarily that all of you are Hello Kitty fans but I was thinking today of random childhood memories and I remembered Hello Kitty. I loved her (assuming it's a her since she has a bow...but saying her sounds very person-like but she is indeed a kitty). What's somewhat odd is that I do not, well, let's be honest I hate, cats. But Hello Kitty and I were tight. I actually one time stamped my whole closet in this Hello Kitty stamp that had my name in mom probably just laughed at me which makes her a great mom since she didn't get mad. Oh, wait maybe she was a tid bit upset...oh, well, still a great mom!

So I thought let's blog about Hello here it is. The below picture is a little overboard for me. I loved her but goodness, this crazy gal put her on her wedding dress...that's a true Hello Kitty fan...she's prob her president of the Hello Kitty Facebook Fan page no doubt.

What about you girls? What were things from your childhood? Hello Kitty is making a comeback as is Rainbow Bright, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch kids...I think it's because the generation raised on these toys are now the moms so they buy them b/c of the heart strings and memories. Smart marketing you toy companies very smart!

Be awesome, love Jesus, and Hello Kitty forever,
Kanakuk Ashley

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
(Picture: weird artsy pics on site)

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Unknown said...

i'm pretty sure that hello kitty was before my time, but dragon tales, arthur, rollie polie, pb&j (the disney show), and of coarse the disney princesses are from my childhood.