Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol Recap...

Hey Kanakuk Girlies,
Well, so last night we all said goodbye to Paige Miles...I must admit that I felt indifferent with who went home this week.Here are my thoughts:
1. Paige I really like but this week she did not do well. I just hurt for her because I do think she is better than ahhhmm, a specific 17 year old girl on the show...not that I'm mentioning names.

2. Tim...I agree with Miley (wow, never thought I would type that) that I liked your song. It was fun, upbeat and I like the slide.

3. Katie, I do want to like you (musically, I'm sure she is delightful as a person) but I just don't think you are quite ripened yet. I am still working through feelings of bitterness about Lilly being gone and not you...I'll keep pushing through those feelings.

4. My Favs: Dread-Locks Bowersox, Big Mike, Lee Di-weezy (spelled how I like to say it), and Siobhan (did you catch her friends that were " Zombies for Siobhan...rather strange).

5. Next week with R&B Soul...should be interesting...

Okay, there's my thoughts on the show. Again, I am fully aware that I might have a total of 2 people reading my thoughts but to those 2...I tip my hat.

Be awesome, love Jesus & could I do my hair like Siobhan, Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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Joel said...

Oh, I'm reading it!! LOVE IT ASH!!

- Ben and Joel