Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, Allergies...

Hey Kanakuk girls/parents/any other random someone that checks this blog...

Well, today is Friday and I am pumped for today. Why you ask? (Assuming you did ask your computer screen b/c you are dying with anticipation, right?). Oh, allergies, oh, I've missed you?! They have hit full force in A.Robbins' world. I have heard it's the cedarwood. What is cedarwood? Where is it and I will stay far far away. My eyes are so red, nose is dry with flakes of kleenex on them, nose is stopped up to where sometimes I don't even know my nose is running, and throat itches like you wiggle your ear because that itches the back of your throat. So today, if you are a fellow allergen sufferer...I applaud you and link arms with you (kleenexes in hand of course) to say let's fight these allergies together by sleeping in tomorrow on Saturday (well, my sleeping in is a bit different with a 4 month old), staying in our pjs till early afternoon, and shoving kleenex up our nostrils for several hours so we don't go through 3 boxes in 2hours. So all you allergen comrades what do you say? Are you with me? (rhetorical question but feel free to scream yes and fist pump in the air).

Enjoy your weekends my friends...I will be in my pjs with hubby and daughter cleaning the casa de Robbins. Woohoo!!

Be awesome, love Jesus, and go blow your nose,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins
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