Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots of Random Thoughts...

Random Thoughts Thursday (yes, it kind of fits with the whole "th" thing!)...
1. Spring/Summer...I am so ready for spring...seriously ready! Sandals, nike shorts, and I come!
(picture: most pics are creative/fun/awesome...some weird/artsy/sketchy)
2. Ruffles...I love them. These are actually the curtains I want to do in Lulu's room. My friend Jennifer (Kanakuk K1 Asst. Director) is going to help me make them! Oh, I'm crafty, well, my friends are!
(picture: most pics are fun/creative/awesome...some weird/sketchy)
3. Water/Pink Lemonade...random! I just love ice cold water and also pink lemonade. Lately I have been adding lime juice to my H2O...yum-diddley-yum!
(picture: above)
4. HOME...just loving being at home right now! Awesome hubby, precious daughter, and lots of silly laughter)
(picture: above)
5. Home Decor/Design...don't freak out the room below is not in my home! I would love it though! My friend Jill (1st Kanakuk co-counselor) and I text back and forth about home design. We love it! My new favorite blog about do-it-yourself projects/home design is Oh, John and Sherri! Sherri and I have a very similar design style...side note: please know that I am sure all of you teenage girls could care less about my home design obsession...just runnin low on blog thoughts...hehe! Just laught at/with me! Kay? Just for knowledge I took the RealSimple Magazine design style...I am 100000% cozy casual! love it!
(picture: above comments)
6. Cupcakes...I am laughing so hard in my office with my sleeping 4 month old at this blog post. Please join me in laughing. There is nothing special about cupcakes...nor have I had them lately...i just think cupcakes are awesome...bahahahaha!!!
So there you have it...take this Thoughts Thursday to the bank...i mean this is good stuff!
Be awesome, love Jesus, and read this blog for deep insightful brain power,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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seriouslymere said...

took that quiz in the mag!
i'm cozy casual/vintage eclectic. i'd say that's right : )