Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey friends, well, this was me on my day off (Saturday) hanging at Panera just blogging away. I'm gonna get good at this if it kills me. I always dreamed of being a "techy." As I blogged away at Panera Bread Co. I was surrounded by good 'ole Branson tourists, mostly over the age of 65. Okay, so as I looked around I wondered why young families and young teenage kids don't think Branson is cool. Because personally I think B-town is awesome. Below are my reasons:

1. International Headquarters of Kanakuk Kamps...that's official & I could give you a tour.

2. SHOPPING. Chello, we have awesome outlets and the Branson Landing.

3. The trees I mean outdoors of the Great Ozarks!

4. The Branson Pirate Football team is 3-0. Led by K2 kamper Tee Helsel (Trish's Son)

5. Last but not least we have Silver Dollar City. Please no haters from this comment. I LOVE Silver Dollar City!

So those were my ponderings of Saturday afternoon...

your friend, A. Rob


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I just found your blog through Facebook - it's great! Oh, and I have to agree...I love Silver Dollar City, too! :)

Briana Leach

Anonymous said...

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