Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to the K2 KOMO Blog!

Hey Girls, Friends, Moms, and Anyone else who is checking out the K2 KOMO Blog! I can't wait to share life with you. I will have something for everyone...mostly K2 kampers, staff, and parents. Here's a quick list of some posts to come:

* K2 Musical...all the episodes. Only found here!
* Pictures on the Kanakuk Movie Tour
* Pics & Videos & Crazy stories of Shay and me! We're crazy!
* News about K2
* Silly ramblings of me
* Topics and Issues confronting teenage/college young women
* Teenage purity...IT'S WORTH IT!
* Random sitings of Trish "the Dish" Helsel...I love being computer savvy!
* Day to day life of Ashley (me) Robbins
* SUMMER ONLY: For K2 parents I will daily tell you the inside scoop of what's up at K2 with videos, posts, and pictures. You will know in "real" time what your daughter is up to at K2.
More to come...Ashley Robbins (A. Rob)


Anonymous said...

Exciting! I check it every day! (multiple times, lol)

p.s. I think it is "know" not "now" near the bottom of the very first post you did. :)

Ashley Robbins said...

Thanks so much for the help in editing! I need lots of help in editing. Not so great at grammar! ;)