Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My husband's idea for a post...

(yuck, this pic of a bicep is nasty...p.s. This is not Shay's bicep, just a random pic)

Well, girls, moms, friends, and anyone else that is randomly on K2 ladies' blog. My husband just gave me the most brill (short for brilliant) idea of what to write on today for the blog. He walks into my office and says..."You should write on an Ode to your Husband's biceps." WHAT!? Moms, if you are reading this...aren't husbands wacko? Friends & Kampers...just wait till your prince charming comes and then be prepared to laugh a lot at comments like that. So here is my ode to Shay's biceps...

1. They are not as comfortable to lay on as they show in cheesy romantic comedy movies. I was so ready when I got married to lay next to you as we slept for 8 hours in the caress of your armpit and bicep...REALITY CHECK! It is not comfy!

2. Guys and their biceps...why do you kiss them? Their just biceps!

3. Why do guys breathe so crazy when they are lifting dumbells in bicep curls? It's like all intense breathing with veins popping out in their head and necks. Weird!

4. When Shay and I were dating if I ever touched his bicep he quickly would flex...always! It was hysterical! I totally called him out on it while we were dating.

5. I do love that I feel protected when we are out and about by your bulging biceps!

Well, girls, just wait till your married and you have a blog and your husband suggests a post for an ode to his biceps, calves (maybe we should do an ode to Don's calves), or traps (muscles in their necks I think).

most random post ever, A. Rob


Shay Robbins said...
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Shay Robbins said...

That is a great Idea. I am awesome

Anonymous said...

lol! very good ashley