Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girls always WIN...

Hey friends, what a great Thursday it is in Branson, MO. I am about to take off for the Branson Junior High to pick up my 7th grade small group girls! They are so great! We are then headed to Wendy's and then to Branson K-Life club night! Anyways, here is a fun and funny video of what Shay and I do on our weekly date nights.

Let me set up this video a little. We went to eat sushi (YUMMY! Anyone else like obsessed with sushi?) and then we headed to the putt putt course where we had 2 free tickets. So we started off tied with each other. Then I began to pull away by 1-2 each hole! By Hole 18 I would have had to blow it to not beat him. The best part is we had a little wager...he wins then I go to the next action manly movie out...if I won then he has to go to the next romantic comedy out (K-rated movies only of course). So girls...check out what happened!

I'm kind of cooky in this video. I think I was being a big 'ole ham! Cheese anyone!

GIRLS WIN! WE'RE BETTER! Chick flick here we come!

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