Monday, September 29, 2008

Hooo, Hooo, Let's Go G.N.O...

Friday nights in B-town are always hoppin'! The Branson Pirates are 5-0. Woohoo! Did ya'll hear me, 5 wins & 0 losses (duh, of course you didn't hear me? I'm typing!). So on Friday, Trish Helsel, your K2 Director, headed to Willard, MO to watch Tee Helsel, the star quarterback, win another game! They are doing so great. Last year the Pirates won only like 1-3 games. Rough season to say the least. But not this year! Anyways, so Trish headed to the football game and I got to hang with Shayla! We went to Panera, a jewelry store (this $1 jewelry that is super cute, I got some cut earrings!), and then to the Helsel's home to watch "College Road Trip" with the gal from "That's So Raven." Super cute movie! Shay (my hubby) came over and we got to hang with the whole Helsel family when they got home. I realized how blessed I am to get to hang with families like Trish's. They are so dear to me and Trish has really embraced me into her family. We are so stinkin' blessed to have Trish leading us at K2...all you FitNut girls know what I'm talking about! She's awesome!

This picture is so adorable! Shayla has such a PURE heart and precious compassion for others. She is wearing her new bows she got!

This is Shayla showing me a new game where you move your face all crazy and then randomly snap the pic. Well, this is what came out...our tongues are going crazy.

Here is all the things we did...Panera YUMMY!, Redbox Movies, and the bows!

It's a girls night, A. Rob

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