Friday, December 19, 2008

My Branson Small Groups...

Hey Friends,
Well, I have some pics I have been meaning to post. I have a 6th grade small group and a 7th grade small group and they are both filled with incredible girls! In the 6th grade group we are studying the women of the Bible. We have done Mary (mother of Jesus) and Hannah (my all time fav woman in the Bible). Then in the 7th grade group we are studying the book of Philippians. It's been so awesome! I'm telling you all there is nothing better than pouring out and living your life in front of others. It's unbelievable for accountability and they teach me so much! Anyways, here are some pics from our Christmas adventures...

Here is some of my 6th grade friends after watching "BOLT." Which by the way is such a cute movie!

This is the 7th grade gals. I lead this with Katie Hurst, the Branson K-Life gal. I have had these girls for 2 years. We had a Christmas PJ I, of course, wore a yellow sweatshirt with a donkey/mule on it...why not?? :)

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