Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexting? A new Trend...

A new article just got released by USA Today surveying over 1,2oo teens about cell phone/picture usage. There were some pretty startling results...

About a third of young adults 20-26 and 20% of teens say they've sent or posted naked or semi-naked photos or videos of themselves, mostly to be "fun or flirtatious," a survey finds.

A third of teen boys and 40% of young men say they've seen nude or semi-nude images sent to someone else; about a quarter of teen girls and young adult women have. And 39% of teens and 59% of those ages 20-26 say they've sent suggestive text messages.
I must admit I myself am stunned by some of these percentages (not surprised, but stunned...not even sure there is a difference but I don't feel "surprised." You have seen it with Miley and Vanessa...2 Disney Princesses) because honestly that means a lot of you, K2 kampers, "good kids," have been involved in texting pictures or words that in no way stand for purity in your life. Experts are now calling this "new trend"..."sexting." Girls, I cannot implore you enough of how scary this is. I am not a mom, but as a future one, and as an "older sister" to so many of you, I get sick just thinking about some of the words, messages, implications you are sending through sexting.

Okay, let me breathe, obviously, not all of you are doing this...and as parents prayerfully read this I pray you all GET INVOLVED and please, oh, please don't be naive to think "my little girl would never do this." I mean think back to your teenager years...spin the bottle, mooning, skinny dipping, summer might be more techy now a days but please don't think that your daughter would never...the world is fighting so hard for her heart to go against purity in her life. This quote was released from Focus on the Family:

“This report should provide a harsh wake-up call to America’s parents—our children are growing up in a sex-saturated culture and they desperately need our wisdom and guidance. It’s critical that we engage in an ongoing conversation with them about the importance of sexual purity and God’s design for human relationships. If we fail in that responsibility or bury our heads in the sand, our kids’ values and decisions about sex will be shaped by the media and their peers—and the results could be disastrous.” ~Dr. Bill Maier (Vice President, Focus on the Family)

I know, K2 girls, that you might kill me for saying this but parents get to the point where you remember that you own that cell phone. You pay for those minutes and therefore you can block whatever you want to. Texting, picture texting, video texting, etc. Your daughter might absolutely kick and scream...but is your daughter's heart worth a fight. I would say ABSOLUTELY. I am not saying to hole her up in a bubble until you pre-arrange a husband for her (I'm sure some of you all would love that though) but I am saying to be involved and not naive.
Girls...I pray for most of you that you read this and say to yourself and the Lord..."No way would I ever text a message or picture of myself n*de (sorry I don't want p*rn creepers on this blog so I put * so that the words won't pop up on google is someone searches creepy words/phrases) or any message to imply sex stuff to a guy." If you have, please know that I am not condemning you, sweet girl, just know that God still is the "ultimate drycleaner" like we talked about this summer. If you haven't but are really tempted to because your boyfriend wants a picture, please think twice, then keep thinking if the answer that you have come up with isn't a very strong NO. You are a beautiful daughter to the Most High God. You, precious girl, are a princess. So act as such...

I feel as though I have rambled...but for me, through rambling I pray my heart has been seen. Girls, YOU'RE WORTH MORE than the trend of sexting...God promises that!

fighting hard, A. Robbins


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Ashley. I have a few friends who are do that... one of many reasons I have not had my cell phone over 6 months. (started driving, that's why I have it). But that is a topic that needs to be addressed much more than it is today, especially with all the low self-worth girls have today. again, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I think the most shocking part of reading this blog, for me atleast, wasn't the stats but the fact that the first time i read the stats, they didn't surprise me at all. I can't believe that I just expect that of the world and those scary stats don't even make me have the same reaction they made you have Ashley. We hear about this stuff at school and through the media and it's all in your face and I think it gets to a point where you're desensitized to it and don't think anything of it. I can't even imagine the scary world my daughter's going to face as a teen if this is what is happening now. Thanks for really opening my eyes and making me realize how messed up society really is and how hard you have to rebel against the standards of the world.

Anonymous said...

Ashley - Many thanks for your boldness in telling it like it is. I saw the feature on ABS news this weekend - and our family had a good chat about all this. Makes me glad we held our ground and didn't let our kids get cell phones till high school. But once they get them - our vigilance is critical. I'm grateful my kids are open and KNOW mom and dad will occasionally check their phones. The photo of the little girl with the sharks in the water is such a vivid illustration of what we are dealing with.
Blessings to you and Shay at Christmas.
- mom of K2 campers Abby and Will Gemmel

Anonymous said...

why wouldn't you want a messed up person to read this blog? it could and probably would change their heart. Also, what's up with the pictures of Miley and Vanessa? i think this is a great blog entry and is very moving.

Anonymous said...

I put the pic of Miley and Vanessa b/c I briefly mentioned them in the post on "sexting" b/c they have been involved in it.

also I do want messed up people reading the blog...i want anyone who wants to to read the blog. I'm messed up and i write the blog :) So bring on anyone and everyone...just as long as they know it's a fun, easy-going blog!!! Thanks!

Berg said...

Thanks for being bold and speaking truth to the young women of our world! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the cute photos! Hope you and Shay are doing well & give my love to the Kanakuk director families!!

Laura Berg