Monday, December 8, 2008

BIG CEDAR here we come...

WOOHOO! We've made it 2 years! Shay and I are headed to Big Cedar (we are obsessed with that place!) I'll have no cell, no computer, basically no modern day technology! Woohoo! I'll miss you all, well, only a little bit cuz I'll be with my hubby and celebrating 2 years of love and laughter! Yipee! I made, and by "I" I actually mean me and Rachel Sparks (KKountry Director), a special cake for our anniversary! It's called Cuatro Leche! It's literally DELICIOUSNESS in your mouth!
(Picture below is not my cake. Just a pic of someone else's cuatro leche cake)I still promise Episode 7 & 8 are coming! I'll get them up when I get back! Off to vaca...

p.s. I think my parents got me a pair of UGGS! (see older post if you are confused!)

Old married gal, Ashley Robbins

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