Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WINNERS of Tie-Dye...

Hey Friends,
Well there were some great guesses on the date of Shay and I's wedding but the right answer was:
December 9, 2006
(our 2 year anniversary is coming up! Woohoo!)
There were 3 gals who guessed correctly:

Liz...1st place
ErinFitz...2nd place
Lauren Emily...3rd place

Liz guessed right the first time and was the first person to even comment so Liz I hope you check this again and comment on this post and leave me your full name and address. If you don't want to post for the world to see you can email me your information. Just put in the subject line "I won the Tie-Dye shirt."

ErinFitz and Lauren Emily...You will not walk away empty handed. Please post your full names and mailing addresses (or you can email me too) and I will be sending something your way too!
Ashley Robbin

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