Friday, March 27, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things...

I literally don't know what to do on the ole' blog today so I found this cute heading of "My Favorite Things" and so I decided to share:

1. My friend Jane Harrison makes homeade cards, placemats and splat mats that are ADORABLE. You can go to

2. Cool tips and crafts at

3. Kelly Clarkson's blog. I just love Kelly!

4. Soy sauce. I love the less sodium soy sauce! Weird, but I eat it with like every meal, ewww, not breakfast though.

5. Cute folders. Ya'll I have issues! I just love cute file folders! I just bought these paisley green ones from Barnes and Noble...oh, presh!

6. My mountain hardwear monkey fleece jacket...enough said!

7. SCRAPBLOG!!! Ya'll if you start scrapblogging you will never stop! Moms, you all will love this site!

8. My husband's NIKE pants! The most comfortable things I have ever slid onto my legs!!! I'm sure he would love to wear them again but I just love them!

9. My workout group (well by group it's just Bronwyn Rapp (Kwest) and Jennifer Farley (K1). We meet 3 times a week at 6:45 am and pump some iron!

10. This blog will make you cry. This girl named Katie is like 20 years old and now the mother of 14 Uganda kiddos! Incredible heart, incredible journey:

Well, enjoy this random post. I was going to post about AMERICAN IDOL, but my heart is still sad that Michael went home. He was so classy about getting voted off! Presh!

You're my favorite too,
Ashley Robbins


Anonymous said...

love Katies blog too! It gives me a little grounding in my very soft and comfortable world. It also reminds me of so many blessings I have and can share with my world! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Katie actually came and spoke in my church a couple of months ago! Her story is so awesome and she's a very sweet person. It made me want to get out there and start making a difference!