Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Trip down Memory Lane...

Last night we had the honor of going to eat with GREAT FRIENDS! David (Dave) and Jill Jones (was Jill Brawner) are just the friends that you meet for dinner at 7:00 pm and you don't leave till 9:45 pm and the waiters scowling at you to please leave. Jill was actually my co-counselor way back in summer 2000. It was Term 2 and Kristin Kobosky and I were co's for Cabin 11...woop, woop! For the 2nd half of the 25 day term Trish told us that we were going to get a 3rd co. I was nervous! Well in walked Jill Brawner and we all three, as Trish called us, were the 3 BLONDE BOMBSHELLS! I just recently found Kobosky on Facebook and Jill and I have remained DEAR FRIENDS. She was in my wedding and actually her and her husband are a large part (besides the LORD) of how Shay and I started dating! Thank you Dave and Jill!

Just wanted to remind you girls that great, godly friendships are so so priceless! Last night Shay and I left feeling so full and so thankful for sweet fellowship! I pray each of you have a great friendship (s) in your life! 

Cabin 11 Co's forever,
A. Robbins
Jill Brawner
Kristin Kobosky
Shay and Dave, Jill's hubby.
The Jones'. Thanks for being our friends! Praying for many more dinners out! 

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